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  • Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
  • Mexico Lindo
  • Mexican

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  • Tokyoneko
  • Agave (Cocktail Lounges / Roppongi)

  • Bad Service
  • I have been going to Agave for over two years now and it was the first time that we have received bad service. It is a lively, busy place and it is common to find salaried workers slumped over in thei... Read More

  • Tokyoneko
  • Nail station Very (Nail salons / Shinagawa)

  • Non-Japanese not wanted
  • I went to this nail salon in the Atre building at Shinagawa station in Takanawa, Minato-Ku, a VERY INTERNATIONAL area. Hah! The first time I visited their salon, I received a gel manicure and a gel pe... Read More

  • guitargirl
  • Tokyo Midtown (Shopping Malls / Roppongi)

  • One stop place to dine, shop, stay at the Ritz- buy Japanese souvenirs, sake, and have afternoon tea! Great place to spend a cool afternoon on a hot summer day!

  • guitargirl
  • Two Rooms (Dining bars / Omotesando, Aoyama)

  • Best Patio Dining in Tokyo!
  • WONDERFUL CITY SUNSET VIEWS! Best al fresco dining on patio with simple chic feel. Well managed, great cocktails- suitable for client dinners or for dates!
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  • Ekki Bar & Grill, Four Seasons Hotel
  • American / Tokyo Station
  • Who: 10 Year Old Boy & Myself When: Tuesday around 3:00om Wear: Dressy Why: Because we love High Tea! High tea is a tradition I started with my son a few years ago to teach him some social c... Read More
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