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  • LovinTokyo
  • Club 360 (Fitness Clubs / Hiroo)

  • They get results!
  • I first got referred to Club 360 by my doctor as I had injured my shoulder. I was very pleased with my Physiotherapist and the quick recovery of my injury. Now I am doing personal training sessions w... Read More

  • Elana Jade
  • Club 360 (Fitness Clubs / Hiroo)

  • Love the classes
  • I love the classes at Club 360 and all the staff are very friendly and well educated. It is also in a really convenient location, just a short walk from Roppongi Hills

  • Paris Miki
  • Paris Miki: Shimbashi (Eyewear / Shimbashi)

  • Please delete this shop, since it was closed with the renovation of the building. Thanks for your attention --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read More

  • FrankH
  • Plate Tokyo (French / Roppongi)

  • Very good food, very good staff, I had a very nice time with my friends at this restaurant. Friendly and casual atmosphere. The meals are really elaborated and they taste incredibly good! There is a... Read More
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  • Carre MOJI
  • Japanese Goods / Omotesando, Aoyama
  • Japanese calligraphy, like everything else in Japan, has been effected by modernization. Much in the vein of modern art, modern calligraphy is available. Usually, it comes in the form of abstract rend... Read More
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