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  • 5,500yen- with 2 Drinks included.
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Gentlemen's Clubs

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  • jojo
  • Sin Den (Hair Salons / Omotesando, Aoyama)

  • Sin den, the right place
  • Hair style is very important for the person. I was afraid to go to salon in foreign city. Would the stylist know how to do with my curly hair and it's kinda damage. Would I be able to communicate well... Read More

  • puccho23
  • RYO Dental Clinic (Dentists / Ebisu)

  • Unbelievable!
  • Unprofessional to the point that I was laughing when I got off the phone with them. I made an appointment to inquire about getting my wisdom teeth out, but when I went to the clinic I found them to b... Read More

  • Maris Gina
  • Maris ★ Gina: Brazilian Bikini Wax Tokyo (Hair Removal / Roppongi)

  • Brazilian Waxing Salon in Tokyo
  • You can get a booking confirmation now via 'Timely Appointment System'! and also get waxing services for a better price by paying in advance via 'timely appointment system' !
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  • chanoma
  • Bars / Nakameguro
  • Chanoma is legitimately certifiably cool, hip and otherwise trendy. It's located on the sixth floor of a building near the Meguro River, and it commands a nice view of the river and surrounding enviro... Read More
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