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  • Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
  • Mexico Lindo
  • Mexican
  • 5,500yen- with 2 Drinks included.
  • Seventh Heaven
  • Gentlemen's Clubs

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  • HHH
  • Tokyo Escort Massage (Adult Info Centers / Tokyo)

  • 5 stars aren’t enough
  • I have been to places and had all kinds of shittiy situations thrown at my face. Those are stuck in my head, but today I will be able to sleep like a baby in his mother’s uterus, Thanks to Miss Miko... Read More

  • achi4meeme
  • Coto Japanese Language Academy (Japanese Language Schools / Iidabashi)

  • I searched for a Japanese language school in Tokyo and found out about Coto Academy. I decided to study here for 2 months to improve my business Japanese. The location is very convenient for me becaus... Read More

  • HHH
  • Tokyo Escort Massage (Adult Info Centers / Tokyo)

  • Her boobs were swinging just in front of my face. It was surely a first feeling. I couldn’t resist to licking her.
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  • Serina
  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki / Roppongi
  • The people at Seryna really do treat you like royalty here. I've been in Tokyo about 8 months and I haven't once been completely blown out of the water by a restaurant. Whether you speak fluent Ja... Read More
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