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  • Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
  • Mexico Lindo
  • Mexican

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  • Harumi
  • dentsdelion antiques (Antiques / Ueno, Asakusa)

  • A journey in Japan past
  • Dentsdelion Antiques is located on a quiet back street in Tokyo old shitamachi district. The two story building, originally a sake wholesaler’s store, is crammed with treasures waiting for the right... Read More

  • betty
  • Bar Oto (Bars / Asakusa)

  • Great place to hang out late at night!
  • My friends and I visited this place when we stayed at a youth hostel in Asakusa. It's open from 1am to 5pm, which is great because most of the restaurants and bars in Asakusa (surprisingly) closes at... Read More

  • Nico
  • Peter, Peninsula Hotel: Yurakucho (French / Ginza)

  • Tasty but missing the oomph factor
  • The setting at Peter is designed to feel the love. Lots of tables for twos, where you sit side-by-side while contemplating the Tokyo skyline and the imperial palace. The room is sleek, the service is ... Read More

  • tokyolife
  • Pure Cafe (Vegetarian & Healthy / Omotesando, Aoyama)

  • If you want to a relaxing cafe for a morning bite or lunch, nice vegan spot. Dinner has various selections as well; basically one medium-sized room with a bunch of small tables. Nice little vegan oa... Read More
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  • Krissman's International Tennis School
  • Classes-Others / Shimokitazawa
  • Allen Krissman is probably the best instructor in Tokyo. I am not sure where the location listed on this Sunnypages profile is, but I do know he teaches at: The British Embassy The American Compou... Read More
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