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  • Paris Miki
  • Paris Miki: Shimbashi (Eyewear / Shimbashi)

  • Please delete this shop, since it was closed with the renovation of the building. Thanks for your attention --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read More

  • FrankH
  • Plate Tokyo (French / Roppongi)

  • Very good food, very good staff, I had a very nice time with my friends at this restaurant. Friendly and casual atmosphere. The meals are really elaborated and they taste incredibly good! There is a... Read More

  • Iwo
  • Asterix (French / Akasaka)

  • Now it has been renamed to "pour toi" same food though, cosy little French with chef cooking almost in front of you if you are sitted at the bar.
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  • Kiji
  • Okonomiyaki, Monja / Tokyo Station
  • One of the prominent reasons I returned to Japan for my study abroad was so that I could eat okonomiyaki. This restaurant made me remember why. Although the wait for our food felt a tad long (perhaps ... Read More
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