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Hinaichi / Yakitori / Tokyo Restaurants


Nearest Station: Roppongi
Hinaichi's specialty is mizutaki nabe, a soup made with Hinai free-range chickens that was simmered ...
☆☆Coupon 1☆☆
Come in a group of ten or more, and one person comes in for free!

☆☆Coupon 2☆☆
Come in a group of ten or more and receive a 180ml complimentary drink of shochu, awa...
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Jinkei / Yakitori / Tokyo Restaurants


Nearest Station: Azabu-Juban
Jinkei delivers yakitori made with free-range chicken from Satsuma, premium salt and binchotan charc...
Receive a complimentary drink
No cover charge for groups of eight or more.

* Promotion number one and number two cannot be combined, and this coupon can only be used once.
* ...
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Tosaka / Yakitori / Tokyo Restaurants


Nearest Station: Azabu-juban
Tosaka is a yakitori bar influenced by French cuisine. The result is a stylish room where you can or...
---Receive a complimentary beer or glass of wine when ordering a la carte! ---

* Please present this coupon when ordering.
* Courses can be done for parties of one and above
* This coupon cannot...
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Torisho: Nishi Azabu / Yakitori / Tokyo Restaurants

Torisho: Nishi Azabu

Nearest Station: Roppongi
Tori-sho specializes in all things chicken. You can order yakitori (skewered chicken), soup, omelets...
>>10 percent discount!<<

* Please bring a printed version of this coupon.
* One coupon per group ok.
* This coupon cannot be combined with any other promotions or special services.
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