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Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shinjuku
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu in English available!

Located three minutes away from Shinjuku east exit. Dubliners is very popular with both foreign residents and Japanese. A decent beer selection and Irish food. Happy hour is til 7pm, Mon-Fri. Other locations in Shibuya and Akasaka.

Categories British pubs / Irish pubs , Live Bars/Jazz Bars
Nearest Station Shinjuku
Address 3-28-9 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3352-6606
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours Mon-Sat 12:00am-01:00am; Sun 12:00am-11:00pm; Lunch 12:00am-3:00pm

4 Reviews for Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shinjuku

  • Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shinjuku
  • (2011-02-08)
  • Nice pub in the middle of Shinjuku. Very relaxed environment consisting mainly of expats enjoying some beer and whiskey.

  • Sophisticated and swank saloon
  • (2009-08-06)
  • Great beers. Great location. You might also enjoy looking at a clientele that consists mostly of Gaijin deadbeats, scam-artists, bums, ex-cons, fugitives, scruffy bearded slackers, English teachers (see above) and their skank 'girlfriends'. Gotta love it!

  • Good food, poor selection of beers
  • (2008-11-10)
  • If you're looking for a vintage Irish pub, you'll want to take this one with a grain of salt. It's owned by Sapporo. Nevertheless, they have decent pub food for good prices, and a few of the import beer favorites. If you're looking to get a seat, or even standing room for more than three people on a Friday or Saturday, you'll be happier going elsewhere. The clientele is a more balanced mix of ... Read More

  • Dubliners' Irish Pub : Shinjuku
  • (2007-10-04)
  • The Dubliners' Irish Pub is an Irish bar in Shinjuku. While it's got a distinctly Irish feel, it also feel slightly American. On an average night, you can expect a crowd of foreigners speaking loudly in American accents. Most of them seemed like business people in their mid thirties. They didn't have the most extensive selection of beers, but they did have two of the most important: Guinness and S... Read More

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