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This tiny bar is modeled to resemble an old German castle, the owner's preference. Most drinks are priced around 1,000yen. Located on Nonbei Yokocho (street for drunken people).

Categories Bars
Nearest Station Shibuya
Address 1-25-10 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5467-0258

4 Reviews for Bar Piano

  • Bar Piano
  • (2009-01-29)
  • Yet another one of those places in Tokyo that makes you feel like you've just been teleported to an alternate reality. Classic "germanic" decor sometimes feels more like a cross between garage-sale chic and a bordello. But the staff is delightful and it's all in good fun. Honestly, the atmosphere is a welcome change from the inside of most places. Drinks are a bit pricey, but you are pretty mu... Read More

  • Bar Piano
  • (2007-08-25)
  • There's something a touch unnerving about walking into a windowless bar, but Piano is worth the risk. It's located in Nonbei street in Shibuya, and is markedly different from most of the other bars there. Walking into Piano is like walking into a velvet hat box. It's over the top in the gaudiest, most Victorian, most cluttered way. Every inch of the ceiling drips with lurid chandeliers. Though the... Read More

  • Bar Piano
  • (2007-08-11)
  • On the left-hand side of Nonbei Yokocho (Street of Drinkers) is a large, dark, wooden door. Most bars on this street have windows with bright lights and laughter shining out, but this one is completely silent. At first I didn't see a sign, but after looking closely I saw the word "Piano" in the center of the door at eye level, in 16-point font. What would you do? I went it. The door opened into ... Read More

  • Bar Piano
  • (2007-08-25)
  • Most bars on Nonbei Street are modeled after very traditional Japanese aesthetics, however, Piano is one of the few exceptions. The outside is covered by a black wall decorated with some gold trimmings. The inside is covered with red velvet and all sorts of odd things fill the walls and ceiling. There was not an English menu and the waitress only spoke Japanese, but I was able to figure out what I... Read More

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