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The National Azabu Supermarket is extremely popular with foreigners living in Tokyo, and about 70 percent of their clientele comes from abroad. They are well-known for their wide range of imported products, which is rumored to be the largest in Japan. The first floor carries wines, cheeses, vegetables, cleaning supplies, etc., while the second floor has books, stationaries, and decorations.

Categories Groceries/Supermarkets
Nearest Station Hiroo
Address 4-5-2 Minami-azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3442-3181
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 9:00am-8:00pm
Credit Cards Yes

8 Reviews for National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo

  • National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo
  • (2011-11-20)
  • sorry, it closed down end of October 2011 sorry, it closed down end of October 2011 sorry, it closed down end of October 2011

  • Expensive but helpful
  • (2011-11-14)
  • National Azabu is staggeringly expensive. However, sometimes I have a craving for something that rice and seaweed won't satisfy. In that case, I can usually find the item (Rice Krispies, refried beans, 7-Up) at N.A. In two years living here, I've probably been to this store only four or five times, but each time I've been very happy with the selection.

tokyo lady
  • Four because of the 2nd Floor
  • (2010-10-19)
  • I do all my shopping at Nissen with one exception: the 2nd floor at National Azabu. This floor offers the best selection of new(not used), English literature anywhere in Tokyo. It also offers an array of greeting cards, cooking books, and kitchenware. The first floor not only offers processed goods: they have a fresh fish deli, a meat deli, and wonderful, French gourmet cheeses. However, it i... Read More

  • Over-rated
  • (2008-10-09)
  • National Azabu never fails to disappoint me. Over-rated, over-priced and those "hard to find" imports that everyone flocks here for seem to mostly be packaged, processed, brand-name food. If you really can't do without Captain Crunch and Hamburger Helper than this is the place for you, but luckily the rest of us have Nissin, Kaldi and Costco.

  • National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo
  • (2008-10-08)
  • first of all, the english website: Having heard so much about National Azabu Supermarket, this was one of my immediate stops within my first 2 weeks in Tokyo. If you're looking for any foreign (American or otherwise) food in Japan, this would be one of the first places to look. The service is also pretty great, almost always an English-speaking person... Read More

  • National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo
  • (2008-01-17)
  • My first time wandering into Roppongi consisted of a quest to find this supermarket to try to acquire the needed Thanksgiving dinner ingredients. I certainly wasn't disappointed in coming to this supermarket. They had everything I could possible need for a Thanksgiving feast. It really was crazy walking around this supermarket that looked just like one back in the US. The store was filled with... Read More

  • National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo
  • (2007-10-04)
  • The National supermarket in Hiroo station feels like foreigner central on a Saturday afternoon in Tokyo. The supermarket attracts at least half of Tokyo's expat community to get their hands on all the imported stuff they carry. Having said this, this supermarket is mostly geared towards Americans (and maybe Canadians?!). Stepping into National almost feels like stepping into a supermarket in th... Read More

  • National Azabu Supermarket: Hiroo
  • (2007-06-14)
  • If you want to buy a pack of M&Ms, a bottle of Heinz ketchup, or a box of Bizquik, then head for National Azabu Super. It's an easy walk from the Hiroo station, and packed with foreign products. This store is famous among foreigners living in Japan. It's a good place to quench some of your homesickness with your favorite foods from home. It's probably much cheaper to buy Japanese cleaning product... Read More

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Salsita: Hiroo
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Shingen Japon
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