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Don Quijote ドンキホーテ Fun Shops / Roppongi

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"Don Quijote", popularly known as "Donki" is widely known for cheap and fun miscellaneous products. Donki stores are like walking through a cluttered warehouse of random products ranging from alcohol and food to home electronics and car supplies. Merchandize is stacked high, just inches below the ceiling. It’s almost as if you are on a treasure hunt in a labyrinth. Most stores are open into the wee hours of the morning, usually busy with young customers who seem to have nothing more fun to do.

Don Quijote Roppongi is particularly crowded with youngsters having a jolly time just hanging out in the jungle of mixed items. It spans six floors and is one of the chain's largest stores. The large fish in the glass tank by the main entrance is quite impressive.

Categories Fun Shops , Shopping-Others , Consumer Electronics , Clothing , Jewelry
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address 3-14-10 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5786-0811
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours 24 hours
Credit Cards Yes

5 Reviews for Don Quijote

tokyo lady
  • Don Quijote
  • (2010-10-23)
  • The Japanese version of Walmart with the exception of a floor selling luxury goods under lock and key...even then, I wouldn't purchase anything designer here because I have heard that they are sometimes fake. It is a loud place, very busy, and dirty. If you don't want to make the trek to Tokyu Hands, then you may chose to settle for D.Q.

  • Don Quijote
  • (2010-05-13)
  • I love these stores and I specifically love how close this one is to the US embassy compound. It was a quick walk to get some fun things. Whenever I see a Donki store I always have to go inside. It's kind of hard to say what's in them.. because there's everything. It's also close to the ANA hotel, which I stay at often, and a great stop in Roppongi, which is mostly known for its Nightlife.

  • Don-don-don Quixote
  • (2008-11-20)
  • 'Don-don-don, don-ki, don-ki-ho-te!' Spend enough time in this store and you will be singing their theme song, too. An interesting variety store with a different theme on each floor, this is an excellent place to pick up odds and ends such as: - Makeup or other toiletries from overseas - Food & toys for your cat or dog - The latest J-Pop CD, and an iPod so you can take it with you. No compute... Read More

  • Don Quijote
  • (2008-11-16)
  • I can spend hours there easily. Especially if most of shops are closed after 8 pm-ish, this place is good to browse. They made the shop like a jungle so, the items are displayed at random and I really have a fun time. But if I am in rush to get something, or if I want to buy a product after finishing browsing the shop, it is such a hard work to go back the shelf and get the item. I really have to... Read More

  • Don Quijote
  • (2007-06-12)
  • It is very hard to explain or understand exactly what kind of store Don Quixote is but I guess it is a department store. I entered Don Quixote and was really surprised by how crowded it was on the inside, everything is extremely tightly packed together on the shelves and there is very little room in between aisles making it very difficult to walk around someone. Despite its cluster, Don Quixote wa... Read More

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