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109 is the epicenter for Shibuya young fashion. This landmark shopping mall is a collection of small stores where a lot of new fashion trends begin.

Categories Shopping Malls
Nearest Station Shibuya
Address 2-29-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku , Tokyo
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 10am-9pm (Restaurants: 11am-10.30pm)

6 Reviews for 109: Shibuya

tokyo lady
  • 109: Shibuya
  • (2010-10-19)
  • NOT for the faint of heart or over 30 set unless you wish to go just for the entertainment value. Very loud and head-ache provoking environment, especially when the 'shop girls' yell out IRRASHEMASE in those high-pitched, squeeky voices...they are cute however and it is interesting to see how the fashionable, young people are dressing these days.

  • 109: Shibuya
  • (2010-04-28)
  • Just come and have a look, even if you aren't going to buy anything. The clothes can be kind of expensive, but you'll probably find something inside you'll like. Some shops are really unique. The only beef I had with the place was how busy and loud it was. Each little store, usually, had its own music blaring over the speakers. A few of the shops even had their employees (usually the small ad... Read More

  • 109: Shibuya
  • (2010-03-23)
  • Ditch the hype and just come to explore. I found some great deals on some boots, and some eccentric unique outfits. Cheaper than other higher end and better malls in Shibuya/Harajuku. Of course the Hime Gyarus and the David Bowie boys are everywhere, but it's part of the show, I mean fun ;o)

  • 109: Shibuya
  • (2008-12-09)
  • Everyone talks about the 109 in Shibuya. Yeah, it's a good place if you want to find some fashion goods for young Japanese. The place is full of little stores. I think it's a good shopping mall for teens and also Japanese who loves fashion. Not much. You have also a 109-2 near the station.

  • 109: Shibuya
  • (2008-05-22)
  • Shibuya 109 is the mall that I've always heard about as the best. Naturally, it was one of my first stops in Tokyo. Yes, it was amazing, but it was really expensive. The stores look like they wouldn't be expensive from the American view point, but they certainly were. Be prepared to dig around to find good deals. The place is really popular, and it sells great clothing, but I was still a litt... Read More

  • Shibuya fashion central
  • (2008-05-06)
  • Looking for sexy outfits? Try 109. The building is PACKED with pop apparel and accessory stores AND shibuya girls - Even the store staffs are in their latest shibuya fashion. Most stuff are affordable and catchy... so if you don't want to spend much on fashion fads at department stores, I recommend making a stop here. I am not kidding when I say this placed is PACKED with people. If you can,... Read More

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