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Lupicia: Roppongi == CLOSED == Japanese Goods / Roppongi

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Lupicia: Roppongi == CLOSED ==
  • English Speakers on staff!
  • Menu in English available!

Lupicia is a Japanese tea retailer that offers more than 400 varieties throughout the year. You can find black teas, green teas, oolong teas and much more, in addition to cups and tea accessories. They have tea tastings available at their store, and also offer tea seminars in English, for which you can sign up at their website.

Categories Japanese Goods , Tea , Cafes
Nearest Station Roppongi
Address 4-2-35 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-5770-7350
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours Mon-Sat 10:00am-9:00pm; Sun 9:00am-8:00pm
Occasion Good for Solo

2 Reviews for Lupicia: Roppongi == CLOSED ==

  • Lupicia: Roppongi == CLOSED ==
  • (2020-02-01)

  • Lupicia: Roppongi == CLOSED ==
  • (2009-01-30)
  • This place is wonderful. I felt terrible for having lived in a tea-centered culture for so long and knowing so little about it. So one afternoon on a shopping trip I went into the store. The staff is fabulous, friendly, helpful, and passionate about tea. I learned a lot from them, and went back for a couple of tea making classes. Once you figure out what you like, you can start ordering for h... Read More

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  • Lupicia: Ikebukuro
  • (2008-04-28)
  • Are you a tea aficionado? Not just matcha but all types of exotic and tepid offerings are offered here at Lupicia. The shop offers a HUGE variety and spreads it out for maximum browsability. Also take note of the discount table by the entrance. Large packs of tea are available for 1000 yen, significantly less than sticker price on regular items in the shop. Speaking of large packs, tea here is sol... Read More

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