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Yuzawaya ユザワヤ Shopping-Others / Kichijoji

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Yuzuawaya has an amazing selection of craft and hobby supplies, with several floors offering something for everyone. Virtually every hobby and handicraft is represented, with an emphasis on fabrics and sewing supplies. The Kichijoji branch also has lingerie, toys and cosmetics.

Categories Shopping-Others
Nearest Station Kichijoji
Address 2-1-25 Kichijoji-Minamimachi, Musashino-shi, Tokyo
Telephone 0422-79-4141
Home Page (In Japanese)
Business Hours 10:00am to 8:30pm

3 Reviews for Yuzawaya

  • Yuzawaya
  • (2010-01-19)
  • You can enjoy shopping for your DIY hobby. Especially, handcraft goods -yawn, clothes, and so on- are very good, I think. But I heard this shop will close 2010 March for redecoration and some of the part of the shop will go to Marui at south exit of Kichijoji station.

  • Yuzawaya
  • (2008-12-26)
  • A mecca of DIY goodness. This amazing store has fabric, notions, yarn, embroidery and quilting items, painting and drawing supplies, papercraft items, artificial flower arrangement items, etc. Basically, any craft you can think of you can find the supplies for here. Get the frequent buyers card and you can rack up 10% discounts depending on the day of the week.

  • Yuzawaya
  • (2008-11-13)
  • This store is unbelievably amazing! I absolutely love going there...I could easily spend an entire afternoon browsing through their huge selection of products. I especially like the massive range of fridge magnets
Daiso: Seiyu Kichijoji
Cafe Rigoletto
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