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Barbacoa Grill Brazilian / Omotesando, Aoyama

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Barbacoa Grill
  • English Speakers on staff!
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A must for meat-lovers, the Barbacoa Grill is famous for its Brazilian "churrasco" cuisine. The interior is very spacious, and many foreigners can be seen at its tables. There is an a la carte menu, but most customers go for the all-you-can-eat option, in which you can enjoy more than twenty kinds of dishes. The meat is brought to your table by a server and cut into portions there. There is also a salad bar full of variety, but be careful not to fill up on just salad! The Barbacoa Grill also offers an all-you-can-drink course for wines and other fine beverages.

Categories Brazilian , Steak
Nearest Station Omote-sando
Address TOKYU REIT omote-sando square B1F 4-3-24 Jingu-mae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3796-0571
Home Page (Available in English)
Business Hours Mon-Fri 11:30am-2:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm; Sat-Sun 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-9:00pm 
Price Lunch: 1,000-1,999yen Dinner: 4,000-4,999yen
Occasion Good for Family, Group, Party
Credit Cards Yes All you can eat Yes All you can drink Yes

9 Reviews for Barbacoa Grill

  • Barbacoa Grill
  • (2009-09-10)
  • I love this place. I always go to the barbacoa restauarnt near the Omotesando crossing. I prefer the buffet which is around 4,000 yen all you can eat. Tons of amazingly delicious meats, grilled pineapple and a delectable salad bar. The food is amazing and the one other thing that sits well with me is the fact that most of the waiters are Brazilian. That gives a feeling of authenticity and supports... Read More

  • Meat, meat & meat
  • (2009-08-26)
  • This place is for people, who love meat, meat & meat. My favorite was the garlic stake, so delicious. You should better reserve table in advance, cause this place is quiet crowdy! Prices are reasonable, as really good quality and reasonable prices.

  • Barbacoa Grill
  • (2009-04-03)
  • One of our favorite restaurants in Tokyo. Pepper steak and garlic steak are staples, as well as the grilled cheese and pineapple.

  • Barbacoa Grill
  • (2008-11-11)
  • Great place for lunch, but dinner is quite expensive. It is much better to get a plated meal as opposed to the buffet. But this location is THE hangout for fashion industry high rollers. On any given day you can expect to see the head of HR from Gucci to the President of LVMH. Reservations are a must for any time of day, but you better know someone or good luck getting them to take your name. ... Read More

  • Barbacoa Grill
  • (2008-09-07)
  • Barbacoa is one of the good restaurant I have been here in Tokyo. I love the way they serve all the meets and BBQ's by your table and it's all good. The huge center bar for salads, fruits and everything were all there to suit your taste also drinks specialy the Caipirinha love it. The only problem is this place makes me real FAT!!!! But still I keep coming back LOL!!!!

  • Meat Paradise
  • (2008-08-17)
  • I had a really good meal at Barbacoa. Since it was All-you-can-eat restaurant, I skipped lunch to fully enjoy their meat. There were many kinds of food to enjoy. Not only cow, I also loved grilled chicken and grilled cheese. Salad bar was also great to balance my meal. Free drink menu was not necessary for me, since my stomach was full with food. The atmosphere was also fantastic. The floor was... Read More

  • Barbacoa Grill
  • (2008-08-17)
  • My experience at Barbacoa was at their Shin Marunouchi Building location. The price was 5800yen for their Churrasco all-you-can-eat dinner. This is probably one of the best places to go for meat even including all the amazing yakiniku places. The meat here is much closer to American style steaks, not so marbled, crisper on the outside and slightly tougher. Like yakiniku, you get a lot of differ... Read More

  • Barbacoa Grill
  • (2008-07-07)
  • Really nice meat. Whenever I feel the craving for cow, I usually find my way to a Korean barbecue house, but from now on I’ll go to Barbacoa. I grew up eating thick steaks that were medium rare in the center. But, most meat in Japan is sliced so think that it’s next to impossible to get a nice char outside without cooking it through. At barbacoa, they fire up some nice thick steaks and then c... Read More

  • This meat is worth the money~
  • (2008-06-30)
  • This is a place to go if you're hungry and not afraid to spend some cash. It's around 4000 yen for all you can eat meat (all different types), and salad bar. While the food is delicious and the service is great, this is a brazilian steak house so you won't feel very much like you're in Tokyo. However, if you're missing home and really want to fill up this is the perfect place to go. The food i... Read More

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