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What is Sunnypages?

Sunnypages is a word-of-mouth city guide aimed at foreign residents and visitors to Tokyo.

The number of visitors to Tokyo is on the rise year after year, yet it's still a challenge for many to find useful information and navigate the city. Sunnypages was born to address this need. We organized the city in a wide range of categories where everyone can find what they need listed in English. We cover the traditional, such as Japanese restaurants, temples or gardens, to the hippest nightclubs and bars; the everyday such as grocery stores, pet stores and medical services to the best dining guide of Tokyo.

Our site encourages users to rate, share and review our listings. We believe that the internet’s future lies in user-generated content allowing everyone to pool their knowledge together. The listings are credible because they are backed by real users and their opinions.

Listed businesses have much to gain from the exposure, promotion and the discussion forums they will find in our website. As long as businesses abide by our rules, we will help you connect with the foreign community and visitors to Tokyo.

Please abide by the following rules to participate in Sunnypages:

Do not...

  • Do not pretend to be a regular user and write a favorable review for your own business. Users are likely to spot that the review was written by the business itself and this will hurt your image and credibility. It's a much better strategy to allow your listing to collect the reviews of real customers and their opinions.

Please do...

  • Open an account as an individual. >>>Sign Up<<<
  • Introduce yourself in your profile page. Make sure to mention that your are the owner or manager of your business. We highly value transparency and real information. Take advantage of the "about me" section and tell your customers more about who you are and your goals. Your customers will get to know you better, and this can be a useful way to develop more personal relationships with them.
  • Check whether the information listed in our site is up to date (i.e. opening and closting times, phone number, address, etc.). If it needs corrections, click on "Edit Business Info".
  • If your business is not listed yet, add it to Sunnypages by clicking on "Add New Business." When you do this, let us know in the comment box that you either own or work for this business.
  • Upload photos of your store and your products.
  • Introduce Sunnypages to your customers and ask them to write reviews.
  • Reply to the user reviews of your business. By communicating with your customers, you can provide a better service, promote sales and retain them better.
  • Reply in good faith to negative reviews. Your business will gain in credibility if it shows that you listen to your customers's criticism and presents the steps that you will take to ammend the situation.
  • Take into account the reviews you receive. Needless to say, they are an important and useful source of information to improve your business and offer a better service.
  • Participate in Sunnypages by writing your own reviews. Other users will gain a better appreciation for who you are and what you like from your reviews.

If you follow these simple rules, your shop and user page will get more traffic and potentially better sales.

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