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  • Sanno Hospital

  • General Hospitals, Internal Medicine, Allergy & Immunology ( Akasaka )
  • I am only giving Sanno Byoin 3.5 because of the LONG wait times. The nurses and doctors are courteous & professional with the exception of one male doctor. Be prepared to wait for up to an hour...
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  • Yamaguchi Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Tameikesanno )
  • Yamaguchi Dental Office was established in 1968 and offers high quality dental care to all their patients. They truly believe that good communication between the doctor and the patients is most import...
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  • Akasaka International Clinic

  • Internal Medicine ( Akasaka )
  • Having punctured my knee the previous day on the escalator I was a bit worried about tetanus as my vaccine wasn't up to date. As it was a Weds the King Clinic, where I've gone before, was closed so I ...
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  • K-MAP Chiropractic and Sports Therapy

  • Chiropractic, Massage ( Akasaka )
  • I'm a rock climber and Dr. Tomonori's skillful A.R.T. and Graston techniques have been keeping me climbing strong and with my full range of motion, which is indispensable for my sport. I recommend hi...
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  • Amano Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Tameikesanno )
  • Dr. Amano received his degree from the Tokyo Dental College before heading for the United States where he earned a Master's degree in dentistry and became certified by the American board of prosthodon...
  • Tilleul

  • Spas, Massage ( Akasaka )
  • Tilleul bills itself as a relaxation salon in which the busy workers of Akasaka can find a relaxing space to wind down. They offer oil massages in private rooms illuminated by natural sunlight. Staffs...
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  • Toranomon Chiropractic Office

  • Chiropractic ( Tameikesanno )
  • Dr. Usuda is a graduate from the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Iowa, USA. He is popular among businesspeople because of his “no wait” policy, which means that everybody is treated at their app...
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  • Akasaka Park Bldg. Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Akasaka )
  • The Akasaka Park Building Dental Office is located in the heart of Akasaka, and about 20 percent of their patients are foreigners. Their team of doctors trained at Hokkaido University or Nihon Univers...
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  • Akasaka Chiropractic Clinic: Akasaka

  • Chiropractic ( Tameikesanno )
  • Dr. Hisashi Hasumi moved in June of 2009 to this location, after having practiced for almost three decades in Akasaka. He is a graduate from the Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, and was ...
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  • Kamiyacho Clinic

  • Internal Medicine ( Tameikesanno )
  • Kamiyacho Clinic offers general medicine and orthopedics. Some of the doctors have studied in foreign countries. A very high level of English is spoken here. They accept Japanese Nation Health Insura...
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  • Akasaka Anti-Aging Clinic

  • Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery ( Akasaka )
  • The Akasaka Anti-aging clinic offers a variety of treatments to obtain a fresher sking, together with longevity and rejuvenation medicine that deals with hormones whose concentration naturally decline...
  • Purify

  • Chiropractic ( Tameikesanno )
  • Purify uses a treatment called “activate” to soothe the body through vibrations. The intensity of the treatment can be adjusted so that children or the elderly can also use it. Reservations requi...
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  • Spa Cristina

  • Aesthetics, Massage, Spas ( Akasaka )
  • Spa Cristina is located inside the Chisun Grand Hotel in Akasaka station. Their treatments include foot massages, facials, full body massages and seaweed wraps that induce sweating and cleanse the ski...
  • Kamiya Total Treatment Center

  • Acupuncture, Chiropractic ( Akasaka )
  • Kamiya Total Treatment Center specializes in acupuncture, moxibustion and chiropractic therapies. Effective treatments and a convenient location make this a popular clinic, with many foreign patients.
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  • Akasaka Wellness Chiropractic Office

  • Chiropractic ( Tameikesanno )
  • The Akasaka Wellness Chiropractice Office is headed by a Japanese doctor who is also licensed by the state of California. English speaking staff available on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
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  • Outcall Massage Tokyo

  • Massage ( Tameikesanno )
  • After two full days of conference/training, I looking for Great massage...she looks to work out the knots and does a lot of deep stretches, too. Unlike more traditional massages where my muscles were...
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  • Hair siete

  • Hair Salons, Counseling Services, Professional Services-Others ( Akasaka )
  • We can give you an excellent hair style from Our English speaking stylist. We are excited to meet new wonderful Customers everyday and exceed-their expectations. We warmly welcome you to come in ...
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