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  • Pierre Gagnaire

  • French, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • Pierre Gagnaire is one France's most accomplished chefs, with two of his restaurants earning three Michelin stars. His Tokyo restaurant is the first outside Europe.
  • Abe

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • The Tokyo Michelin Guide 2009 awarded Abe one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. The food is traditional Japanese, with lots of ingredients coming from the Yamagata regio...
  • English menu
  • Daigo: Kamiyacho

  • Traditional Japanese, Vegetarian & Healthy, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • Daigo is one of Tokyo's top shojin restaurants. The food is as complex as traditional kaiseki, but everything is vegetarian. A meal can last several hours, and include multiple courses that feature th...
  • Speak English
  • Chemins

  • French, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • The Tokyo Michelin guide 2009 awarded Chemins one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. French-inspired cooking in a room flanked by impressive windows and lots of natural s...
  • Tatsumura

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Akasaka )
  • The Tokyo Michelin guide 2008 awarded Tatsumura one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. You can only order the chef's tasting menu, which includes hard-to-find ingredients...
  • Akasaka Kikunoi

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Akasaka )
  • Kikunoi belongs to a famous Kyoto restaurant that serves traditional Japanese food prepared with seasonal ingredients. Head chef Mr. Murata is a well-known figure in Japanese cooking and can often be ...
  • Sushi Saito

  • Sushi, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • This small sushi restaurant sits directly opposite the U.S. Embassy. Sushi Saito doesn't have a sign outside - look hard. There are only 6 counter seats available, always full with reservations. Sushi...
  • Speak English English menu
  • Sazanka

  • Teppanyaki / Hibachi, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • The Tokyo Michelin guide 2008 awarded Sazanka one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. Located on the 11th floor at the Okura hotel, Sazanka is a popular tepppanyaki restau...
  • Sushisho Saito: Akasaka

  • Sushi, Michelin ( Akasaka )
  • Sushisho saito was awarded one star by the 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide. This small restaurant only offers the omakase course, which means that the chef decides the menu. Saito-san used to work at a top ...
  • English menu
  • Edition Koji Shimomura: Roppongi

  • French, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • The 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide awarded Edition Koji Shimomura two stars. Chef/owner Shimomura trained at some of France's top restaurants before returning to Japan and opening his place in 2007. He is ...
  • Kamiya Nogizaka

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Akasaka )
  • Kamiya Nogizaka received one star from the 2009 Tokyo Michelin guide. The food is Japanese in essence, but the chefs are known to use ingredients and flavors from around the world, especially from Fra...
  • Kikumi: Akasaka

  • Traditional Japanese, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • Kikumi received one star from the 2009 Tokyo Michelin guide. It is a traditional Japanese restaurants, where dinner is served in individual tatami rooms. The chefs make their way daily to Tsukiji to g...
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