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Mexico Lindo ( Mexican / Tameikesanno )

Mexico Lindo / Mexican / Tokyo
  • Who wants Mexican? Mexico Lindo has been in business since 1977, and is a Tokyo institution for Mexican dining. Try our famous enchiladas, burritos, mole and fajitas, together with excellent Mexican beers, margaritas and tequila!
  • Receive a complimentary guacamole! (Half size)
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  • West Park Cafe: Akasaka

  • American ( Akasaka )
  • Best roasted chicken I had in Tokyo. Price is very reasonable too. Good location (opposite to Zoka cafe). Definitely recommend it for lunch.
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  • Onyasai Shabu-shabu: Akasaka

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Tameikesanno )
  • We eat here regularly -- the set menus are great for 3-4 people. We don't find it prohibitively expensive. They have recently expanded their menus, so there are now 8 broths. The traditional one is al...
  • Breizh Cafe Creperie

  • French ( Akasaka )
  • The food is really consistently great here, and the other reviewer is very correct that on a beautiful day, sitting on their patio, enjoying a cider is one of life's pleasures.
  • Shabusen: Akasaka Sacas

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Akasaka )
  • Just went to see what Akasaka Sacas is all about. I found Shabusen, a clean and elegant shabu shabu place, and decided to try it out. The lunch special (Sa-bisu lunch) was a nice deal for 1600 yen....
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  • Gyukaku: Akasaka-mitsuke

  • Yakiniku ( Akasaka )
  • This is a great place to take your friends. In the middle of each table there is a grill on which you cook your meat. The aesthetics of the restaurant create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that ...
  • Sushiden Kenzan

  • Sushi ( Akasaka )
  • The chef or bartender behind the counter seats at a restaurant can either make or break the experience. The chef manning the counter during my visit to Sushiden Kenzan totally made mine. At the sugge...
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  • Ten Shan Fay Way: Akasaka

  • Chinese ( Akasaka )
  • A perfect place to warm up and get a full load of Chinese herbs at this time of the season. The 5,000 yen course with a basked full of exotic mushrooms and Asian vegetables, shabu-shabu pork, herbed ...
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  • Ruth's Chris Steak House

  • American, Steak ( Tameikesanno )
  • Ruth's Chris Steak House is a bizarre name, but it turns out that there was a lady named Ruth in New Orleans who after divorcing her husband in the 60's bought a steakhouse from a man called Chris. Al...
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  • Royal Host: Akasaka

  • Family Restaurant ( Akasaka )
  • As the Japanese call it, the Royal Host is a family restaurant, partly because of the family friendly atmosphere and partly because of the wide variety of Japanese food available. I went during lunc...
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  • Fukinuki: Akasaka

  • Unagi ( Tameikesanno )
  • Akasaka is overflowing with business-oriented restaurants - quick turnaround times, but high quality food. Fukinuki specializes in unajyu - unagi over rice serves in traditional tableware. I ordered a...
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  • Sushi Gokoro

  • Sushi ( Akasaka )
  • I wasn’t all that impressed with sushi seemed like a place out of love with food; a restaurant that is there to squeeze a profit out of the masses in akasaka. That is all fine if the pro...
  • Tsutsui

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Akasaka )
  • Tsutsui is in the old-fashioned "yoshoku" style of Japanese food, which is ironically more consciously influenced by western cooking than the stuff Japanese eat today. This is what your gran...
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  • Denny's: Akasaka

  • Family Restaurant ( Akasaka )
  • This family restaurant, open 24 hours, has a bright yellow sign. Other than their chopped sirloin and steak, their menu offers a lot in the way of vegetables (making it a healthy place to eat) and th...
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  • Daigo: Kamiyacho

  • Traditional Japanese, Vegetarian & Healthy, Michelin ( Tameikesanno )
  • Daigo is one of Tokyo's top shojin restaurants. The food is as complex as traditional kaiseki, but everything is vegetarian. A meal can last several hours, and include multiple courses that feature th...
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  • Kokoro

  • Curry ( Akasaka )
  • Originally, this restaurant is from Sapporo, but it has expanded to 7 restaurants in Tokyo. They serve soup curry and are only a 5 minute walk from the Akasak Station on Akasaka Street. Cocoro’s sou...
  • Botejyu San: Akasaka

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Akasaka )
  • This okonomiyaki and teppan-yaki restaurant is on the second floor of a building two minutes’ walk from Akasaka Mitsuke Station. The interior decoration is based on black keynotes, and the shop has...
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  • Minochi An

  • Soba ( Tameikesanno )
  • While ordinary Soba restaurants have the same feeling as an office building, and Minochian is no exception. It is not expensive like most restaurants and people are surprised by how much they get for ...
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