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Mexico Lindo ( Mexican / Tameikesanno )

Mexico Lindo / Mexican / Tokyo
  • Who wants Mexican? Mexico Lindo has been in business since 1977, and is a Tokyo institution for Mexican dining. Try our famous enchiladas, burritos, mole and fajitas, together with excellent Mexican beers, margaritas and tequila!
  • Receive a complimentary guacamole! (Half size)
    No need to print out the coupon; just say "I saw it on Sunnypages"!
  • Ostrea: Akasaka

  • American, Italian, Oyster Bars ( Akasaka )
  • Amazing food, great service! Unique recipes for oysters I've never seen anywhere else. It doesn't get the 0.5 for a 5 star score because the fresh oysters run out fairly quickly. If you're in late the...
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  • Gyukaku: Akasaka-mitsuke

  • Yakiniku ( Akasaka )
  • This is a great place to take your friends. In the middle of each table there is a grill on which you cook your meat. The aesthetics of the restaurant create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that ...
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  • Ninja Akasaka

  • Izakaya ( Akasaka )
  • When you think Japan, if images of fighting samurais and stealthy ninjas come to mind, this might be the kind of place you’ll want to visit at least once. I was never into ninjas, so the appeal of n...
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  • Elements Restaurant

  • Asian Fusion, Traditional Japanese ( Tameikesanno )
  • The world that we live in is comprised of eight basic elements: firE, Light, watEr, huMan, timbEr, stoNe, aTmosphere, and Sounds. The owners of the fine dining establishment in Toranomon took one l...
  • Modern Catalan Spanishi Bikini

  • Spanish ( Akasaka )
  • Waiter was pretenious and rude. Service was very poor. Food was only slightly better - very bland, for a very heavy price. Better Spanish places can be found run by local Japanese owned restaurants, ...
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  • Onyasai Shabu-shabu: Akasaka

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Tameikesanno )
  • Onyasai is well known for both its high cost and performance, serving shabu shabu in over 50 locations in Tokyo. Before ordering meat, you will be asked to choose two kinds of soup. Standard choices a...
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  • Waryu

  • Chinese ( Tameikesanno )
  • This place is recently becoming my favorite. Waryu to me is a very straight forward Chinese restaurant. What I mean by that is that Waryu has all the familiar Chinese dishes at a reasonable price. ...
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  • Anan

  • Izakaya, Traditional Japanese ( Akasaka )
  • Anan's concept is serving healthy Japanese food in an izakaya setting. Dim lighting and atmosphere are meant to convey "Wa" harmony. Shoes are left at the door and all seats are "hori-gotatsu" - floo...
  • Shabusen: Akasaka Sacas

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Akasaka )
  • Established in 1935, this shabu-shabu restaurant has its original branch in Ginza. They are very famous for their marbled beef with their special sesame sauce. During lunch you can get cheap shabu-s...
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  • Matsuzaka

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Yakiniku ( Akasaka )
  • Matsuzaka's specialty is domestically-raised beef, which can be enjoyed in yakiniku, shabu-shabu or steak form. Located in a quiet spot off Hitotsuki street, the crowds are big for their lunch special...
  • English menu
  • Hokkaido no Aji Kitakura

  • Izakaya ( Akasaka )
  • Literally "Taste of Hokkaido," Hokkaido no Agi is a seafood-themed izakaya. Fresh fish, crab, chicken, pork, and vegetables are cooked in different Hokkaido styles. Agi has 11 private rooms, capable o...
  • Stockholm

  • Others ( Akasaka )
  • The food here is nice. There are some interesting dishes and sauces. I really loved all the salmon and pickled fish. For dessert there was a yummy baked apple cobbler among some other cold pudding ...
  • Chotaro

  • Udon, Izakaya ( Tameikesanno )
  • This inaniwa udon shop is in a basement off Hikawa Zaka Street, not far from Akasaka Station. The interior has a black base with accents made of Japanese cedar, lending the shop a chic atmosphere. T...
  • Spanish Bar Padre

  • Spanish ( Tameikesanno )
  • This restaurant is right near Tameike-sano Station, and for only 500 yen you can get a dish home-style Spanish cuisine. The interior of the shop is red and impressively simple, giving it a stylish ed...
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  • Misakinchi

  • Spanish ( Tameikesanno )
  • This restaurant allows you to eat Spanish home cooking at a reasonable price. It’s in a place that’s a little hard to find: on the second floor of a small building near the Akasaka 2 chome police...
  • Los Platos

  • Spanish ( Akasaka )
  • This authentic Spanish restaurant is halfway between Roppongi and Akasaka. Los Platos’ Chef Sekiguchi travels to Spain every year for the “Paella Convention” and has received awards there for s...
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  • Bar Del Sole: Akasaka

  • Italian, Bars ( Akasaka )
  • Cafeseating is also available at this Italian restaurant. The simple interior offers 80 indoor and 30 terrace seats where Neapolitan pizza, light appetizers, gelato, dole and alcoholic drinks are serv...
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  • Torafugutei: Akasaka

  • Fugu ( Tameikesanno )
  • Torafugutei is a reasonably priced restaurant specializing in Fugu brought from Kyushu. The fugu are kept alive in their fish tanks so your order will be as fresh as possible. Their course menu is a g...
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Mexico Lindo
Complimentary Guacamole (Half size)
  • Matsuzaka
  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki
  • ( Akasaka )
>> One complimentary beer, coc...
Kina: Roppongi
Sakura House
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