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  • Mini One

  • Bakery, Desserts ( Chiba, Narita )
  • The result is <a href=""><strong>replica breitling watches</strong></a> a sporty, credible racing timer with a pleasing vinta...
  • Hida no Takayama Ramen

  • Ramen, Desserts, Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Chiba, Narita )
  • good price and excellent taste there is a choice between soy sauce or miso flavored soup. preferring salty, i went with shoyu, but I'm sure the miso tasted just as well. The noodles weren't special...
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  • I Love Pizza

  • Pizza, ( Chiba, Narita )
  • If it wasn't for the amazing amount of trouble my friend and I had trying to get to this place (twice), then i would have no trouble giving this place a 4 star. The price of the all you can eat is ...
  • Malay & Senegal Cuisine Cooking Class

  • Classes-Cooking, Asian Fusion, Food-Others ( Chiba, Narita )
  • I love malay food.I used to travel to Singapore & Malaysia.The food is delicious & yummy!!! Thinking to join the cooking class in future.
  • Big Pig

  • Okonomiyaki, Monja ( Chiba, Narita )
  • The okonomiyaki is good; not the best, but good. Since the location was in Gyotoku/Ishikawa city, there wasn't all that much hustle bustle or busyness to the place; in fact, my friend and I were t...
  • Saint Germain

  • Bakery ( Chiba, Narita )
  • This place gets extra points for spirit. The staff are very hearty and vocal here, I think, and while being an open space area, somehow, there seems to be a greater selection than at other bakeries I'...
  • Dashichazuke-en

  • Tea, Traditional Japanese ( Chiba, Narita )
  • The rice is made into a rice broth through the addition of tea. I don't know the specifics, but it is a very light, fresh, and clean taste. They have a nice option to do half and half on the type of f...
  • Vie de France

  • Bakery, French, Cafes ( Chiba, Narita )
  • Cheapest items: hefty sized corn bread/roll, donut twist, and some other bread/roll. Also, bag of butter rolls for 210. This is a bakery that would be affordable to drop in every once in a while. W...
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  • Starbucks: Narita Airport

  • Cafes ( Chiba, Narita )
  • If you have some time to lounge around the airport, go to this Starbucks and people-watch. I got a Matcha Frappuchino, and was pleased to sit at the window seat and observe the bustling people. The se...
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  • Kappo Suruga

  • Traditional Japanese, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Fugu ( Chiba, Narita )
  • I run this place and proud to introduce to you about my Japanese restaurant. It is not as cheap as Isakaya but I think it's worth it because what we use is so much different. My wish is to make you fe...
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  • Karaoke, Dining bars, Entertainment ( Chiba, Narita )
  • Sing and have party with us... Exotic foods Filipino foods Otsumami nihon Imported and local drinks Liquors Every Tuesday sing all you can Cheap table charge ?\500 in 2hrs
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