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  • Mermaid Cafe

  • Cafes ( Daikanyama )
  • This cafe seems like a standard Japanese cafe/bakery, and perhaps it is. The selection of baked goods ranges from scones to pizza and the drink menu includes staples like coffee and tea and ventures i...
  • Sei Rin Kan

  • Cafes, Italian ( Nakameguro )
  • this is the article featured in GQ magazine about Seirinkan.
  • Frames: Daikanyama

  • Cafes ( Daikanyama )
  • I have never enjoyed broccoli as much as I did at this cafe with a retro lounge-style atmosphere. It was, by far, the most melt-in-your-mouth garlic infused delectable veggie I've ever had. If Mom h...
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  • Delicafe Gazebo

  • Cafes ( Daikanyama )
  • In the summertime they open their glass doors, so its a great place to relax, read a paper or just people watch. The drinks are a little more expensive than most, but they serve very good sandwiches....
  • Cafe Chez Lui

  • Cafes, Bars ( Daikanyama )
  • Chez Lui Cafe is actually diagonally across from Chez Lui Patisserie. If you're looking for it, just find the enormous, fake, plastic palm tree and you should be able to see it. Like all other cafes...
  • The Lobby

  • Cocktail Lounges, Bars, Cafes ( Nakameguro )
  • This modern and cozy lounge is an ideal place to complete your long full night of dining and drinking. The shapes and the lines created by the minimalistic sofas and tables, the large window that ta...
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  • Kobeya Kitchen

  • Bakery, Cafes ( Ebisu )
  • This is one of the better sandwich shops in Tokyo. This delicatessen style shop is in Atre (Ebisu Station) and they serve about 9-12 varieties of sandwiches depending on the time and day you go. Kat...
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  • Cue Cafe: Daikanyama

  • Cafes, Japanese Language Schools ( Daikanyama )
  • This adorable little sandwich shop/ cafe is located very close to the Daikanyama station. The menu includes stews, curries, wraps, and many different kinds of sandwiches with different kinds of bread....
  • Celeb de Tomato

  • Cafes, Italian ( Daikanyama )
  • This is a super interesting Cafe, mostly because it features an unlikely ingredient for desserts - the tomato! As the name suggests, everything in this shop has something to a tomato. Even some of t...
  • Suruga

  • Cafes, Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Daikanyama )
  • One of the more interesting cafes in the Daikanyama area, strictly because it only serves what they call "Green Tea Espresso." I don't think it's particularly eye-opening (caffeine-wise) or...
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  • Mother Esta

  • Cafes, Vegetarian & Healthy ( Nakameguro )
  • Good food, but-- unbelievably overpriced, with bird-sized proportions. Then, on top of it, you're hit with a 7,000 yen "cover charge" per person added to the bill-- this, in 6-point type, a...
  • Picture menu
  • Frames: Ebisu

  • Cafes ( Nakameguro )
  • Frames is a cafe with a nice casual date atmosphere. The tables are fairly close together, so I wouldn't expect much privacy, but its not noisy either as most customers are couples. The food is abov...
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  • cafe Red Book

  • Curry, Cafes ( Nakameguro )
  • This small dining bar got rave reviews on a Tokyo restaurant review page, so my expectations were pretty high. There's a good curry deal during lunch time, they offer four different types each for 850...
  • Speak English English menu
  • Cabana

  • Cafes, American ( Ebisu )
  • Cabana is a very good western style cafe with a good chef not far from Ebisu Garden Place. They have nice sandwich/lunch sets through the week and on the weekend you can have an eggs benedict which is...
  • Le Lion

  • French, Cafes, Wine Bars ( Ebisu )
  • Le Lion is a cute reproduction of a Lyonnais bouchon (featuring shop genuine shop window stickers from Lyon and French radio playing in the background) located in the back streets of Ebisu. The food a...
  • Cafe de Crie

  • Cafes ( Ebisu )
  • A very average coffee shop. It just so happens to be along the main street of Ebisu, but DON'T be fooled - this coffee shop is average at best. It's not horrible, but Doutor and Starbucks are much b...
  • Il Pleut sur la Seine

  • Cafes, Classes-Cooking, Bakery ( Daikanyama )
  • I was pretty disappointed by my visit to this shop. This was supposed to be one of Tokyo's top rated pastry shops, and I made a special trip out to Daikanyama to try their confections. And they rang...
  • Hatea

  • Cafes ( Ebisu )
  • Hatea Tea Expresso shop has closed it's doors for business. They were located on Komazawa dori. Sorry to see it go, it was a pleasent retreat from the hustle of the city.
  • Picture menu
  • Becker's

  • Cafes, Fast Food ( Ebisu )
  • Becker's will try to lure you with pictures of such innovative 'burgers' as shrimp on a croissant. Becker's tries to present itself as perhaps a more classy burger joint, but there is a large selectio...
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  • chanoma

  • Bars, Cafes ( Nakameguro )
  • A cafe bar with an elongated, intriguing space. Stretched sofas line the walls. Take your shoes off and relax. Chanoma draws a young, twentysomething crowd. Chanoma is a little cramped if you have We...
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