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  • Tsukiji Tama-sushi: Ginza

  • Sushi ( Ginza )
  • When: Friday night around 6:45pm Who: My Husband and 10 year old son Wear: Casual, business Why: It's near the station and near Hakuhinkan and Tsukiji Verdict: If I was craving sushi I might vis...
  • Speak English Picture menu
  • Kuruma

  • Izakaya, Yakitori ( Ginza )
  • With eight locations in Tokyo, and six locations in their homebase of the Kansai region, Kuruma has established itself as a leading group of restaurants under the umbrella of a company called Idea Co....
  • Asian Kitchen : Ginza Corridor

  • Thai, Asian Fusion ( Ginza )
  • Asian Kitchen packs a lot of spice and flare, in both the food and the atmosphere. A staircase decends from street level to the basement level restaurant. The walls of the staircase, though are made t...
  • Sawarabi

  • Soba ( Ginza )
  • A charming, thoroughly Japanese restaurant. However, be careful-there is no English or picture menu, nor does the server speak English. However, if you can get past the language barrier, this hole-in-...
  • Achi-Koko

  • Izakaya, Yakitori ( Ginza )
  • Been here once for late night drinks and really loved the atmosphere. Good change from the typical yakitori in the area. I didnt each much, so can't review the food, but look forward to going back a...
  • Ginmaru

  • Izakaya ( Ginza )
  • Gin Maru is wedged into the seventh floor of a Hibiya building, the entire restaurant nearing the size of an American SUV. Not really, but close. Sashimi was good, but the place definitely had a stran...
  • Kanda Kikukawa:Hibiya

  • Unagi ( Ginza )
  • not the buyer <a href=""><strong>swiss replica watches</strong></a> Tissot is going for here, anyway), it certainly has the k...
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  • New Torigin

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Ginza )
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  • Picture menu
  • Red Hopper

  • Cafes, Korean ( Ginza )
  • GIANT, ABSOLUTE disappointment. AVOID at all cost. Having received their flyer, I thought it was a bit ominous opening on 9/11, but I disregarded. When I tried to use the discounts attached, the st...
  • English menu Picture menu
  • Zest Cantina: Ginza

  • American, Mexican ( Ginza )
  • Hamburgers, homemade tacos, and other grilled items are among the many full volume offerings at this lively Tex-Mex spot. The wooden motif of the shops interior invokes memories and an atmosphere rem...
  • Hina Sushi: Ginza

  • Sushi ( Ginza )
  • For only 4,179 yen, you can have all-you-can eat sushi at Hinazushi in Ginza. While that may sound too good to be true, you'll probably be surprised at the quality. As soon as you're seated, you'll be...
  • Kawa no hotoride

  • Izakaya ( Ginza )
  • Kawa no hotoride means “beside the river”in Japanese, and the restaurant literally has a 25m (82ft) river running through it. The restaurant, located a short walk from Ginza station, has a sophis...
  • Robata Honten

  • Izakaya ( Ginza )
  • From the outside, Robata Honten has an extremely authentic feel.. If you go with only a few people, the first floor is suitable. However, if you take a larger group, go to the second floor and surroun...
  • Gompachi: Ginza

  • Izakaya, Yakitori, Sushi ( Ginza )
  • Gonpachi Ginza is located in a building populated with other sophisticated restaurants, and it's a branch of Gonpachi Roppongi. This izakaya is often featured in foreign guide books. Although the hype...
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  • Kanjohken Yakiniku

  • Yakiniku ( Ginza )
  • Kanjohken offers all-you-can-eat grilled Japanese beef at your table. The Korean-style barbecue is a sure crowd pleaser, and Kanjohken uses high quality Japanese beef and charcoal to deliver the goods...
  • Speak English

  • Mediterranean ( Ginza )
  • La Bodega is a budget-friendly Spanish tapas bar located in the yurakucho area. Most of their tapas dishes are under 1,000 yen and you can try a Spanish tortilla, steamed mussels or a traditional pael...
  • Shabutsu

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Ginza )
  • Best dining experience ever. Shabutsu, extremely popular with the locals, was the highlight of my trip to Japan in Autumn(Japan time)2008. The staff, although only speaking Japanese were friendly and ...
  • Reneppu: Yurakucho

  • Izakaya ( Ginza )
  • If you want to visit the Yurakucho yakitori district but not in the mood for skewered chicken, drop by this German izakaya that offers several beers on tap and lots of German dishes such as Eisbein th...
  • Ginza Matsuzaka Rooftop Beer Garden

  • Beer Gardens ( Ginza )
  • The Matsuzaka beer garden has been delighting Tokyoites for over 25 years. The approach is straightforward, and delicious: sapporo and yebisu beer, and lamb barbecue on the rooftop. It doesn't get muc...
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