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  • Kidzania

  • Amusement Parks ( Tsukiji )
  • Who: Myself, 10 year old son, his friend When: Wednesday, their school holiday. NOT national holiday Wear: If you can avoid dragging a jacket around leave it behind. You are indoors entire time.If y...
  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts

  • Museums ( Ginza )
  • Idemitsu Museum of Arts was hard to find because it is not well advertised on the street. The only indication that it was there was a small sign on the door, so I had to ask for directions. However, o...
  • Hibiya Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Shimbashi )
  • If I'm not mistaken, Hibiya Park used to be part of the Imperial Palace, but they only kept one part of it intact. This section is right at the park's main entrance. It's basically a small chunk of ...
  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Shimbashi )
  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien used to be the detached palace of the Imperial family. The garden is 250,215,72 squared meters big and is the only garden in Tokyo with a pond containing salt water from Tokyo Ba...
  • Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Landmarks & Historical Places ( Tsukiji )
  • [b]<a href="">Rolex damer klockor</a>[/b] [b][url=]billiga Rolex klockor[/url][/b] <ul><li><strong>&...
  • Kabukiza

  • Theaters, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Ginza )
  • Kabuki is something you have to experience at least once... or only once. The graceful moves of the kabuki actor and the timely manner of the drum beats are indescribable by words alone. There a...
  • Itocia Office Tower

  • Shopping Malls, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Ginza )
  • The best part of this building is definitely its selection of fine restaurants. Originally I checked it out to see what was playing on the cinema, but I was ultimately disappointed with the selection,...
  • Sony Building

  • Show Rooms ( Ginza )
  • The sony building was okay. I wish Apple had an awesome building like this...Ohh wait they do. Right around the corner from this building is the Tokyo Apple store. This place wasn't as awesome as I th...
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  • T's DINER: Shimbashi

  • American, Darts & Pools, Bars ( Shimbashi )
  • This Amrican diner is located under JR line, 3-minutes walk from the Shimbashi station. It is a lively darts bar, often crowded with darts players. There are 9 darts machines, 4 big screen TV, and a j...
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  • Shinbashi Golf Studio

  • Darts & Pools, Sports Bars, Karaoke ( Shimbashi )
  • Shinbashi Golf Studio is a veritable sports and entertainment emporium! You can enjoy golf simulation games, together with karaoke, pool tables, darts, and of course izakaya fare and drinks. The priva...
  • Caretta Shiodome

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture, Shopping Malls ( Shimbashi )
  • Caretta Shiodome is a large office, restaurant and retail space. There are restaurants with spectacular views on the top floors, while more restaurants and shopping areas are located on the lower part...
  • Tokyo Takarazuka Theater

  • Theaters ( Ginza )
  • Takarazuka is an all-female revue based out of Takarazuka city near Osaka. The cast plays both male and female roles, often with highly idealized versions of each. Takarazuka is extremely popular, esp...
  • Shiodome City Center

  • Architecture, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Shimbashi )
  • Shiodome City Center is a large office, restaurant and retail space. There are superb views of the city from the restaurants on the top floors. This is one of the landmark developments behind the urba...
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  • Art School Ginza

  • Classes-Arts and Crafts, Classes-Calligraphy, Art Galleries ( Ginza )
  • All members of Art School Ginza are looking for an aesthetic quality in their daily lives.We hope they find a treasure of human life in Art School Ginza. We respect their personalities and identities....
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  • WJS Ginza

  • Rental Space, One Day Experience, Japanese Goods ( Ginza )
  • The store resembles a real Japanese Garden with private Japanese-style rooms where you can experience Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy and many other cultural experience. You can also drop by and ta...
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