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  • Sushizanmai : Yurakucho

  • Sushi ( Ginza )
  • Open 24 hours a day Sushi zanmai is popular with businesspeople who want a reasonably priced sushi meal. The most expensive nigiri sushi, such as uni and ootoro, are only 398 yen. The lively atmospher...
  • Ogura

  • Traditional Japanese ( Ginza )
  • You may have heard of oden before arriving in Japan, or seen several ingredients floating in a bath soy sauce flavored broth at convenience stores. This traditional snack is popular with Tokyoites, a...
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  • Chinois : Ginza

  • Wine Bars ( Ginza )
  • Sommeliers at Chinois are reputed for their friendly service and wine know-how. many kinds of quality glass wines are available as well as bottle of wines. (Note: only French wine is available at Chi...
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  • B Bar Marunouchi

  • Cocktail Lounges ( Ginza )
  • This bar is directly managed by Bakara. The bar is located on the first basement floor, below Bakara, which is on the first floor of the International Building in Marunouchi. Every drink is served i...
  • Robata Honten

  • Izakaya ( Ginza )
  • From the outside, Robata Honten has an extremely authentic feel.. If you go with only a few people, the first floor is suitable. However, if you take a larger group, go to the second floor and surroun...
  • Ginza Torishige

  • Yakitori ( Ginza )
  • Since it was opened in 1931, Ginza Torishige has been popular with people fond of drinking sake while eating yakitori. The restaurant is relatively large; the first floor seats sixty four people, whil...
  • Enoteca Pinchiorri

  • Italian ( Ginza )
  • The home branch of Enoteca Pinchiorri was awarded three stars by the Michelin guide, and its Tokyo branch opened in 1992. Their wine cellar is famous, holding at any one time 12,000 bottles, and all t...
  • Narutomi

  • Soba ( Shimbashi )
  • Soba at Narutomi is made from 100% buckwheat flour, as opposed to the 20% you find at lesser places. The decor is stylish and you can watch the chef at work from your seat. In addition to high quali...
  • Restaurant Michiba

  • Traditional Japanese ( Ginza )
  • This restaurant is owned by Rokusaburo Michiba, a well known personality from the Iron Chef television program. The elegantly designed restaurant has a following with senior citizens and offers some ...
  • Bier Rise 98

  • Bars ( Shimbashi )
  • If you think that a certain brand of beer tastes the same wherever you drink, try a glass at Bier Reise 98. Many beer drinkers insist that a beer poured by beer craftsmen and bar owner Matsuo-san tas...
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  • Denny's: Higashi-Ginza

  • Family Restaurant ( Ginza )
  • This family restaurant, open 24 hours, has a bright yellow sign. Other than their chopped sirloin and steak, their menu offers a lot in the way of vegetables (making it a healthy place to eat) and th...
  • Tsukiji Tougarashi

  • Yakiniku ( Tsukiji )
  • This old two-story wooden house doesn't look like a restaurant, but it actually serves Korean yakiniku in a very traditional Japanese setting. You're required to leave shoes at the entrance, and both ...
  • RagTag: Ginza

  • Clothing, Boutique/Luxury Brands, Shoes ( Ginza )
  • RagTag is a second-hand shop that stocks all things branded. This is the place to come find clothing and accessories by Dolce&Gabana, Gucci, Prada, Chloe Yohji Yamamoto and many more. The first three ...
  • Katsuhei: Tsukiji

  • Tonkatsu ( Tsukiji )
  • It's not the best tonkatsu I've ever had, but the staff is very friendly, the portions generous and the prices eminently reasonable. If you're not locked into a limited lunch time, avoid the office w...
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  • Bangkok Kitchen

  • Thai ( Shimbashi )
  • The white furniture interior might not fit your image of Thailand, but that will be forgotten once you taste the authentic food. The lunch menu changes daily and costs less than 1,000yen. And if you...
  • Kawashosoen

  • Fugu ( Tsukiji )
  • Kawashosen is the place to go if you want to entertain guests with an authentic ryotei style meal. Passing through the solemn gate, you be greeted by a kimono clad waitresses bowing deeply and kneeli...
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  • Karaoke no Tetsujin Ginza

  • Karaoke ( Ginza )
  • We have the perfect room for couples up to groups with a comfortable style. You can enjoy a great menu with over 180 drinks. Let’s start with a delicious Dom Perignon and end with a traditional plu...
  • Sawada: Ginza

  • Sushi, Michelin ( Ginza )
  • Sawada was awarded two stars by the 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide. This is a highly-respected sushi restaurant, where they pride themselves in sourcing the freshest wild fish from around Japan, using the ...
  • Kuri: Ginza

  • Sake & Shochu Bars ( Ginza )
  • Sake aficionados, go to Kuri. Kuri is owned by a second-generation sake bar owner and offers a wide range of sake from all over Japan, available in convenient 60ml (200yen), 120ml, or 180ml glasses. T...
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  • Ginza Cuvo

  • Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery ( Ginza )
  • Dr. Cuvo is a graduate of Asahikawa Medical College in Hokkaido, before he left for the United States, where he trained at Rockefeller University in New York and Thomas Jefferson University in Pennsyl...
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