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  • Fukumitsuya

  • Sake ( Ginza )
  • Fukumitsuya is a sake brewery based out of Kanagawa that dates back to 1625. Their Ginza store is one of few locations where they sell directly their products and beautiful sake accessories. In li...
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  • Maguro Zanmai

  • Sushi ( Tsukiji )
  • first day of tokyo trip , I eat in this sushi bar with my girl friend , when we checked it's only 2460 Yen but I can eat more than 15 pcs. Maguro zanmai is small stand up sushi bar but it's adventage...
  • Ginza Kunoya

  • Japanese Goods ( Ginza )
  • This is a really cute place to go get Ginza souvenirs. There are adorable figurines, nice traditional looking handbags, and elegant tea cups. There is a great variety of items. Certainly a good shop f...
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  • Mandara 2nd

  • Indian & South Asian ( Shimbashi )
  • When I went to Mandara for lunch, it was quite crowded and I had to wait around 15 minutes. But aside from the waiting, I enjoyed it there. It was located below street level but still easy to find. In...
  • Grand Four: Yurakucho

  • Bakery, Desserts ( Ginza )
  • This was a beautiful bakery located in the basement of the Itocia Office Tower. It had a wide variety of lovely cakes and sweets that were kind of expensive. I had a slice of cake, and it was absolute...
  • Asian Kitchen : Ginza Corridor

  • Thai, Asian Fusion ( Ginza )
  • Asian Kitchen packs a lot of spice and flare, in both the food and the atmosphere. A staircase decends from street level to the basement level restaurant. The walls of the staircase, though are made t...
  • Gucci

  • Boutique/Luxury Brands ( Ginza )
  • Gucci is a household name even to people who do not follow fashion. It is the best-selling Italian fashion brand in the world, and second only to Louis Vuitton worldwide. The company is more than 1...
  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Shimbashi )
  • Hamarikyu Onshi Teien used to be the detached palace of the Imperial family. The garden is 250,215,72 squared meters big and is the only garden in Tokyo with a pond containing salt water from Tokyo Ba...
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  • Athreehz

  • Massage, Spas, Reflexology ( Ginza )
  • Oil Massage, Thai Massage, Aroma Massage, Relaxation Massage, Reflexology, Foot Massage, The new Relaxation oil Massage shop in Ginza. (Accepted Lady customer only)
  • Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Landmarks & Historical Places ( Tsukiji )
  • [b]<a href="">Rolex damer klockor</a>[/b] [b][url=]billiga Rolex klockor[/url][/b] <ul><li><strong>&...
  • Kabukiza

  • Theaters, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Ginza )
  • Kabuki is something you have to experience at least once... or only once. The graceful moves of the kabuki actor and the timely manner of the drum beats are indescribable by words alone. There a...
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  • My Humble House

  • Asian Fusion, Live Bars/Jazz Bars ( Ginza )
  • When my friend suggested going to "My Humble House" I thought we'd be in for pizza on the floor at her place. How wrong I was! My Humble House is in fact a large, designer's style restaurant...
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  • Twentyeight, Conrad Hotel: Shiodome

  • Bars, Cafes, Night View Spots, Cocktail Lounges ( Shimbashi )
  • Twentyeight surely offers a nice view of the city, but the drinks didn’t measure up to the posh surroundings. We were first ticked off by the attitude of the host, who made us feel like we didn’t...
  • Sawarabi

  • Soba ( Ginza )
  • A charming, thoroughly Japanese restaurant. However, be careful-there is no English or picture menu, nor does the server speak English. However, if you can get past the language barrier, this hole-in-...
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  • Hasegawa

  • Shopping-Others ( Ginza )
  • This was a beautiful boutique, full of elegant little trinkets made out of cloth. I believe that they switch out displays every month, and that I saw the featured Chirimen Works. There were some lovel...
  • Victorian Pub The Rose & Crown : Yuraku-...

  • British pubs / Irish pubs ( Ginza )
  • The roast beef here is not bad, even if the portion is a little small for Westerners. If you see roast beef on special at lunch and the price seems alright, you should check it out.
  • Nabezo: Ginza

  • Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Ginza )
  • Personally, I'm a fan of restaurants that have a high level of participation involved. If you're out on a dismal date, it's nice to have something else to focus on. Of course, if everyone is having a ...
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  • Nirvanam

  • Indian & South Asian ( Shimbashi )
  • The best Indian food I have ever had in Tokyo. They mainly focus on South Indian varieties, and they taste very similar to the restaurants in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Their starters are simply superb....
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  • Tanpaoichiba

  • Chinese ( Shimbashi )
  • Tanpaoichiba is a no-frills Chinese cafe down a lane in Nishi Shimbashi. You'd hardly give it a second glance if you were walking past, and that would be a big mistake. For 3,800 yen you can order all...

  • Italian ( Ginza )
  • If you're not looking to break the bank in Ginza, stop in Itarian Bar La Viola for lunch. It's conveniently close to the station, and the prices are very reasonable. The restaurant is best described ...
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