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  • Mount Takao

  • Parks & Nature ( Hachioji )
  • I though Takao san would be a really nice change of pace from the very urban Tokyo. I had a lovely time but I never felt like I left the city. The hiking trails were quite small and it was extremely t...
  • Mount Beer Takao

  • Beer Gardens ( Hachioji )
  • My husband, mother, and father (visiting from America) came here after 3 years of hearing about it. We hiked up the mountain and the beer and food was definitely refreshing after a long hike. The view...
  • Tsurutsuru Onsen

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Hachioji )
  • The location is the best thing about this onsen. The road itself - half an hour through the woods - is very pleasant. They had plenty of land to build the onsen but perhaps did not use this opportunit...
  • Fuji-Q Highland

  • Amusement Parks ( Hachioji )
  • Fujikyu Highland has some of the scariest rides in Japan. The most popular is Fujiyama, a roller coaster that drops from 79 meters high and reaches 130 km/h. Do-Dom-Pa is also a popular free fall attr...
  • Costco: Tamasaki

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Fun Shops, Liquor ( Hachioji )
  • An American membership warehouse club, Costco offers fantastic prices to those who are willing to get to their mostly out of the way locations (and pay the yen annual membership). The stores are huge,...
  • Picture menu
  • Karaoke no Tetsujin Nishi Hachioji

  • Karaoke ( Hachioji )
  • A party room with a big stage! The karaoke shop in Nishi Hachioji opened in July 2008. At the entrance the “Karaoke no Tetsujin” company name is very eye-catching. The interior is in a very si...
  • Tokyo Summer Land

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Hachioji )
  • At Tokyo Summerland you can experience the warmth of summer whenever you want regardless of the season. The indoor swimming pool receives plenty of sunshine and is surrounded by green trees year round...
  • Froppi

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Hachioji )
  • This onsen is an ideal place to soak after a hike on nearby Mount Takao. There are a number of baths are on offer but Furoppi really concentrates on the services and entertainment, including live musi...
  • Seoto no Yu

  • Onsen ( Hachioji )
  • A stunningly designed onsen in the pretty Akiruno area of western Tokyo. Bathers enjoy an indoor bath, rotemburo and sauna; for after bath relaxation there are are lounges and private rooms (prices st...
  • Moegi no Yu

  • Onsen ( Hachioji )
  • An onsen in Okutama in a lovely natural setting, with a lovely rotemburo and an outdoor co-ed foot bath. The bathing areas are divided into two sections, which change monthly between men's and women's...
  • Roten Garden

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Hachioji )
  • A number of different baths and saunas are divided into two sections, which switch back and forth between genders each day (both feature rotemburo, indoor baths and saunas). After bathing cool-down op...
  • Nagatoro Gorge

  • Parks & Nature, Water Busses, Hiking ( Hachioji )
  • The Arakawa River rushes through this gorge, located in the Nagatoro Prefectural Nature Park. Tourists come to see the natural wonders, hike along the river, and ride the rapids. Whitewater rafting is...
  • Asyl Esse: Takao

  • Manga/Internet Cafes ( Hachioji )
  • This manga cafe offers business booths, Japanese style booths, reclining seats, couple seats, complimentary drinks, DVDs, game consoles, online games, MS office, printing services and Mahjong. Karaoke...
  • Mount Mitake

  • Hiking, Parks & Nature ( Hachioji )
  • A 929 meter (3,048 ft) high mountain in the Okutama area of western Tokyo popular for hiking. There are a number of trails to choose from, with some of them offering a challenge by connecting with nea...
  • Susuki Sogen

  • Parks & Nature, Hiking ( Hachioji )
  • Large expanse of susuki (pampas grass) covered fields in Sengokuhara, Hakone. In summer the green fields make for a pleasant few hours of walking, but in autumn the grass plumes turn golden and the hi...
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  • Chocolate

  • Cafes, Bars ( Hachioji )
  • Dog-friendly bar/cafe serving pastas, desserts and a range of drinks. Happy Hour daily from 5:00 to 7:00 features draft beer for 300 yen. Also features free parking, wheelchair access, and patio seati...
  • 988Bet Game

  • Cards & Stationery ( Hachioji )
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