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Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic ( Dentists / Azabu-juban )

Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic / Dentists / Tokyo
  • We offer the peace of mind that only comes from the best trained dentists in Tokyo. Our team of dentists holds various specializations, offering our patients expert care in areas such as periodontitis, aesthetic work or pediatric dentistry.
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RYO Dental Clinic ( Dentists / Nihombashi )

RYO Dental Clinic / Dentists / Tokyo
  • RYO DENTAL CLINIC, Dentists in Tokyo ready to help you in the comfort of your own language, whether it be English, French or Spanish. We have years of experience treating foreign patients in Tokyo, and are trained in the latest dental techniques. Our clinic is located near Ebisu in the heart of Tokyo.

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Daikanyama Dental Clinic ( Dentists / Daikanyama )

Daikanyama Dental Clinic / Dentists / Tokyo
  • Dr. Yasufumi Hanawa did his advanced training in dentistry at New York University. He is an expert in implants and aesthetic dentistry. In addition, his clinic offers general and pediatric dentistry and a full range of services.
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  • Nakashima Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Roppongi )
  • The worst dentist experience of my life. Generally, I love getting my teeth cleaned; I can almost fall asleep while it is going on. Not here. My mouth was held open with a device, I was nearly asphyxi...
  • Nakatomi Dental

  • Dentists ( Akihabara )
  • i was feeling pain with my tooth. my friend told me this dentist is good. counseling is thorough. good impression.
  • Yoshiki Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Shimbashi )
  • I treatment my tooth many dentist. I think this is the most kindness dentist. lately machine and facilities they got!
  • Otsuka Ekimae Dentist

  • Dentists ( Sugamo )
  • i was feeling bad painful with my tooth. i dislike dentists since i was child. but this dentist is no painful!!! good doctor!
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  • United Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Azabu-juban )
  • Hi, I was very happy with the treatment at United Dental Office. As I was only on a business trip for 5 weeks in Tokyo, I was glad that my Japanese collegues suggested to go to this dentist. I had too...
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  • Ebisu Minamibashi Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Ebisu )
  • It was a few years ago I went here but it was the best dentist I've visited. They deserve a plug for their work. Painless dentistry is mostly common now but here, having to leave treatment in mid proc...
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  • Minami Aoyama Implant Center -- Sato Den...

  • Dentists, Plastic Surgery / Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetics ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Dr. Sato is the director of Minami Aoyama Implant Center Sato Dental Office. He graduated from Nihon University School of Dentistry and has been a visiting scholar at the University of Southern Califo...
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  • Miyata Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Nakano )
  • Dr. Miyata, the clinic director, grew up overseas and as a specialist in international medicine acts as a guest professor in Mexico and throughout Asia. He is also one of the few Japanese experts in p...
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  • Hitomi Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Iidabashi )
  • I don't like going to the dentist but when I broke a cap I had to find one fast a friend recommended Dr. Hayashi and she was great. No pain and a fair price. Dr. Hayashi is the best English Speaking...
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  • Shimmatsudo Sogo Shika Shinryoujo

  • Dentists ( Chiba, Narita )
  • Dr. Homma earned a DDS degree in Japan, and also spent time training at the New York University College of Dentistry. He teaches in the international program of the New York University College of Dent...
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  • Kusanagi Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Nakameguro )
  • Dr. Kusanagi provides a thorough dental examination and consultation. All the services, cost and terms of care are discussed beforehand. Patients are seen in a private room, and appointments are neces...
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  • Arisugawa ParkSide Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Hiroo )
  • The Arisugawa ParkSide Dental Office is headed by Dr. Kojima who received his training at the University of Nebraska. He is fluent in English and Japanese, and most of his clients are expatriates arou...
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  • Ebisu Garden Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Ebisu )
  • Ebisu Garden Dental Clinic provides a comfortable private counseling room and private or semi-private treatment rooms, giving patients the comfort and privacy they deserve. The dentist and staff are c...
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  • Yamaguchi Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Tameikesanno )
  • Yamaguchi Dental Office was established in 1968 and offers high quality dental care to all their patients. They truly believe that good communication between the doctor and the patients is most import...
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  • Japan Orthodontic Center

  • Dentists ( Shibuya )
  • The Japan Orthodontic Center specializes exclusively in orthodontics. Dr. Motohiko Sato is the director of the clinic and also the president of the Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics. Appointment...
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  • Fukutomi Dental Office / Tokyo Dental Es...

  • Dentists, Aesthetics, Cosmetics & Beauty Supplies ( Tokyo )
  • Dentist trained in UCLA. Contact our office if you're looking for an English-speaking dentist in Tokyo. Our doctor has engaged in medical care at UCLA in the United States for three years. We ensure...
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  • Wong Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Meguro )
  • Dr. Wong has studied in the United States for eleven years total. He did his undergraduate degree at MIT and got his dental degree from the University of Michigan. Routine cleanings and procedures cos...
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