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  • Mikuni Naika Ganka Clinic

  • Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology ( Nakameguro )
  • I recommend that you DO NOT go to this doctor. I went here to get contacts and to get a more thorough eye exam than at the places that just dispense glasses. They do not speak any English, at all. The...
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  • Minamiaoyama Eye Clinic

  • Ophthalmology ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • I went here for an eye exam and to get some contacts. Like many I have had some bad medical experiences in Japan, but not here. The clinic is beautiful and clean. The staff are very friendly. I was gi...
  • Zoff

  • Jewelry, Ophthalmology ( Iidabashi )
  • Located in LaQua Mall near the exit for Korakuen JR Station, Zoft is an eyeglasses shop selling prescription and non-prescription glasses and accessories such as cases. The sales staff was very help...
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  • Akiyama Eye Clinic

  • Ophthalmology ( Sugamo )
  • Full service Opthamology clinic treating everything from eye exams to cataract surgery. Dr. Akiyama is fluent in English. He studied and taught at South Carolina State University in the US.
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  • Paris Miki: Kichijoji

  • Eyewear, Duty Free Shops, Ophthalmology ( Kichijoji )
  • Paris Miki is one of Japan's largest eyewear stores. Located in the fashionable district of Kichijoji they carry eyewear in the style of the 1960s. Duty-free shopping for tourists.
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  • Paris Miki: Shibuya

  • Eyewear, Ophthalmology ( Shibuya )
  • Paris Miki carries some of the best known eyeglass brands in Japan. English speaking staff can help you choose a suitable pair for you. Tax-free shopping for short-term visitors.
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  • Paris Miki: Shinjuku

  • Eyewear, Duty Free Shops, Ophthalmology ( Shinjuku )
  • Located in the heart of Shinjuku's business district, this eyewear shop has a wide variety of models to suit your needs. Duty free shopping for tourists.
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  • Paris Miki: Yokohama

  • Eyewear, Ophthalmology ( Yokohama )
  • Large selection of business eye-wear, including famous brands and sunglasses. They also carry original Japanese cosmetics, and adjust glasses for free.
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  • Ebisu Eastside Clinic

  • Ophthalmology ( Ebisu )
  • Doctor Ohmoto studied and obtained her Doctor of Medicine degree in the United States. She speaks fluent English, and is a friendly doctor.
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  • Paris Miki: Ginza

  • Eyewear, Duty Free Shops, Ophthalmology ( Ginza )
  • This outpost of Paris Miki carries comfortable and sought-after eyewear. The store also exhibits art by Japanese and international painters.
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  • Paris Miki: Shinokubo

  • Eyewear, Duty Free Shops, Ophthalmology ( Okubo )
  • One of Japan's largest eyewear chain stores. Easy access from the station. Wide variety of choices. Duty-free purchases for tourists.
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