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  • Root Veterinary Clinic

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Futakotamagawa )
  • what is vet moto in japan? to kill animal? to experiment?to torture? to treat and take care well animal with love or just pet owner pocket money into their pocket? many vet faces and act is real or fa...
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  • Taka's Sakuraghaya Animal Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Shimokitazawa )
  • really can trust setagaya pet vet? i been 4 pet in setagaya all turn strange or price toocrazy or incorrect health checkand end this hosptal in youga animal kill my pet without meal and water ...
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  • Alliey's Animal Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Shimokitazawa )
  • The Alliey's Animal Hospital offers blood tests, dipstick tests, x-rays, echographies, electrocardiograms and surgery. A pet hotel and grooming service is also available, but reservations are required...
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  • LaVie Clinique Veterinaire

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Gotanda )
  • A veterinary hospital for dogs and cats. The doctors keep up with the latest treatments. The head vet speaks good English, and the rest of the doctors have working knowledge of the language.
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  • West Cross Veterinary Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Nakameguro )
  • West Cross offers medical, surgical and rehabilitation services for your pets. Their DVM graduated from Ross University, and completed a clinical rotation at Washington State University.
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  • Racoon Animal Clinic

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians, Pet Care Services ( Yokohama )
  • Wonderful vet. Flawless English, but more importantly, competent. Our previous vet in Yokohama was only interesting in running simple blood work and giving occasional antibiotic or vaccination. Ve...
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  • American Animal Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Kichijoji )
  • The American Animal Hospital has three veterinarians on staf. They have been in business since 1964, and can provide pet training advice as well.
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  • Airi Animal Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians, Pet Care Services ( Kichijoji )
  • Airi Animal Hospital specializes in birds and dogs with skin problems. They can also treat cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.
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  • Daikanyama Pet Clinic

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Daikanyama )
  • The Daikanyama Pet Clinic offers services for all kinds of small animals, including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and hamsters.
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  • Small Animal Clinic

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Roppongi )
  • I adopted a dog in 2010. When the organization asked that I microchip her, I asked for quotes from many English-speaking veterinarians in Tokyo. The Small Animal Clinic's fee was the cheapest (in so...
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  • Saji Animal Hospital

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Jiyugaoka )
  • The Saji Animal Hospital offers medical services, a pet hotel and grooming.
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  • Hikarigaoka Animal Hospital Azabu clinic

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Roppongi )
  • Hikarigaoka Veterinary Hospital Group has skilled and experienced medical staff that promises to provide the best veterinary medical treatment available to their clients.
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  • PetLife Veterinary Clinic

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Azabu-juban )
  • Experienced bilingual (English/Japanese) vet in the heart of Tokyo. PetLife Veterinary Clinic is a caring, friendly clinic with experienced veterinarians serving both domestic and international commun...
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  • Animal Medical Center -MOTOAZABU-

  • Pet Hospitals/Veterinarians ( Roppongi )
  • Animal Medical Center -MOTOAZABU- has been opened from 3rd of Nov near to Roppongi Hills. This hospital has eight group of OTAKIBASHI animal hospital. They have advanced inspection medical equipment...
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