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Academy of Language Arts / ALA ( Japanese Language Schools / Iidabashi )

Academy of Language Arts / ALA / Japanese Language Schools / Tokyo
  • The Academy of Language Arts was established in 1984 with belief that the learning of Japanese should include an understanding of society, culture and history of Japan. ALA is a member of the Association For The Promotion of Japanese Language Education and a member of The Forum for Business Japanese sponsored by JETRO which is an extra-departmental body of MITI. Also authorized by The immigration Office as a Visa proxy.
  • La Qua

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Iidabashi )
  • Perfect for melting your stress away. The price is a bit expensive compared to most onsens, but it is well worth it! The womens spa area has 6 hot tubs, 2 of which are out-door, as well as 1 mini ...
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  • Coto Japanese Language Academy

  • Japanese Language Schools ( Iidabashi )
  • I have a few friends that are studying at Coto right now and they love it! I have visited a few times and the staff was very friendly and helpful. The location is super convenient because it's right b...
  • Yasukuni Jinja

  • Shrines ( Iidabashi )
  • This was an absolutely beautiful shrine. What is of course, most interesting, is the political turmoil that surrounds it. It is a memorial to those who died in war, and it also includes convicted war ...
  • Koishikawa Korakuen

  • Japanese Gardens ( Iidabashi )
  • I'd say this place is almost as good as Hamarikyu. Hamarikyu has more greenery and open space going for it, but Koishikawa is a bit more fun to explore, with various "landmarks" around the...
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  • Hitomi Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Iidabashi )
  • I don't like going to the dentist but when I broke a cap I had to find one fast a friend recommended Dr. Hayashi and she was great. No pain and a fair price. Dr. Hayashi is the best English Speaking...
  • Mother Garden

  • Kids & Infants, Fun Shops ( Iidabashi )
  • Being a huge fan of Sirotan, I was delighted to find this Mother Garden shop. This was the first place I've seen in Tokyo that sells Sirotan Town merchandise. (Sirotan Town is a merchandise characte...
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  • Zest Premium Burger: LaQua

  • American, Fast Food ( Iidabashi )
  • Zest Premium Burgers does deliver and I'm not talking about delivery service. I'm talking about quality. This great burger place offers delicious hamburgers and a fairly reasonable price. Ordering ...
  • S.L.O

  • French ( Iidabashi )
  • I always go there with my friends who love wine very much because they have a lot of wines, especially California wine. The food is excellent and the wines are, of course, wonderful. The friendly ow...
  • Kinozen

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Iidabashi )
  • Ki no Zen is famous for its traditional sweet dishes. Located immediately to your right once you exit Iidabashi station Exit B3, it’s a perfect welcome to the retro-toned neighborhood of Kagurazaka...
  • TORUchio

  • Italian ( Iidabashi )
  • Generally, I'm not a fan of Japanese made Italian food, mainly because the pasta dishes are prepared like soba and risotto dishes are prepared like porridge. I have given the thumbs up to TORUchio be...
  • Festa Cafe

  • Cafes ( Iidabashi )
  • Festa Café is located in Tokyo Dome, which is an American country fair style public area. I say American because this is the only place in Tokyo I’ve been able to find nachos . . . Festa Café of...
  • Shin Ogawa Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Iidabashi )
  • Some gardens can be referred to as parks, and some parks as gardens. The location called Shinogawa, however, can only be called a park. Located within a ten minute walk of Iidabashi Station, it is use...
  • Zoff

  • Jewelry, Ophthalmology ( Iidabashi )
  • Located in LaQua Mall near the exit for Korakuen JR Station, Zoft is an eyeglasses shop selling prescription and non-prescription glasses and accessories such as cases. The sales staff was very help...
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  • Sapana

  • Indian & South Asian ( Iidabashi )
  • This is a nice, small, friendly Nepalese restaurant located in Iidabashi. The food is really good. I would recommend the "Momo" (dumplings with a curry sauce) but I would skip the cheese b...
  • Tatsumiya

  • Unagi ( Iidabashi )
  • Tatsumiya is a little restaurant in Kagurazaka that specializes in the delicacy of unagi: fresh-water eel. When you look at Tatsumiya from the outside, you can’t help but notice that people live ...
  • Otsuka Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Iidabashi )
  • Otsuka Park isn’t the traditional gorgeous Japanese garden where you think fairies are going to pop right out of the trees. It is beautiful, no doubt, but it also doubles as a community center. Th...
  • Hot Dog Inn

  • American ( Iidabashi )
  • Hot Dog Inn is a little kiosk-like structure with seating inside and outside located in Tokyo Dome, which is an American country fair style public area. In addition to a variety of hot dogs (obviously...
  • Tokyo Dome City

  • Amusement Parks, Entertainment-Others, Sports Arenas ( Iidabashi )
  • Tokyo Dome is home to a baseball stadium and its glitzy entourage of shops, eateries, arcades, and sights catering to baseball lovers and non-lovers alike. Tokyo Dome aims to emulate the American fair...
  • baskin robbins: Tokyo Dome City

  • American, Family Restaurant, Others ( Iidabashi )
  • I like Basin Robbins in the states. They alway have a great variety of flavors. In Japan, they continue to diversify the palate but it is a big expensive. It is true that they have a 3 scop deal but f...
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