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  • Volks

  • Family Restaurant, Steak, Others ( Gotanda )
  • Love love love this place! Then again, I am completely biased and completely enamoured with their bread bar. There's only 10 bread options available (possibly another 2 - crossaint and butter roll)...
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  • Jorgey's Spice Dining

  • Family Restaurant, Indian & South Asian, Italian ( Shinjuku )
  • I crave his lamb chops and I don't even like lamb! He made me love lamb. Love to share this place with people who love good Indian food and enjoy chatting with Mr Thapa. He's in love with food. Had th...
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  • Saizeriya: Odaiba

  • Italian, Family Restaurant ( Odaiba )
  • Whenever I'm in the mood for Italian food, I always want to go to a Saizeriya. The prices are really good and you actually get full after the meal. I even went to Saizeriya with an Italian once and ...
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  • Denny's

  • Family Restaurant ( Gotanda )
  • a word of warning, don't come here if you're thinking of an american family restaurant, or eating something usa for once. the menu is completely transformed: a lot of katsu options (don, sando, by its...
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  • Royal Host: Odaiba

  • Family Restaurant ( Odaiba )
  • If you're looking for a dinner a la japanese. Here you are. You will have a good choice between curry, Japanese and steak. It's fast and good. It's not that good but it's perfect when you're looking ...
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  • Royal Host: Akasaka

  • Family Restaurant ( Akasaka )
  • As the Japanese call it, the Royal Host is a family restaurant, partly because of the family friendly atmosphere and partly because of the wide variety of Japanese food available. I went during lunc...
  • baskin robbins: Tokyo Dome City

  • American, Family Restaurant, Others ( Iidabashi )
  • I like Basin Robbins in the states. They alway have a great variety of flavors. In Japan, they continue to diversify the palate but it is a big expensive. It is true that they have a 3 scop deal but f...
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  • Gusto

  • Family Restaurant ( Shibuya )
  • Although my opinion of this place is not strong enough to warrant a small novel, either for or against, it was a pretty decent place. Reminded me of Saizeriya - cheap food, cheap drinks, and an ok en...
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  • Wolfgang Puck Express

  • American, Family Restaurant, Fast Food ( Harajuku )
  • Wolfgang Puck stays true to his flavors in this cheap version of his restaurant, but there were a few details here and there that were not right. For starters, the service was a bit slow. It’s alr...
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  • Denny's: Tokyo Dome

  • Family Restaurant ( Iidabashi )
  • This was my first time eating at a Denny's in Japan. I've always heard that it's quite an experience. The restaurant was nice, but different from the Denny's in the US. The menu is vast with certai...
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  • Tokyo Chubou

  • Traditional Japanese, Family Restaurant, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Hamamatsucho )
  • for the mentions in the title, the food costs a bit more, but it is pretty good. the item will customarily come with miso soup. outside the shop is one of those extensive plastic recreation displays. ...
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  • Royal Host

  • Family Restaurant ( Others )
  • First note, if you're going in around 12 to 5 am, you're going to be charged a 10% service fee for late-night hours. Otherwise, I found the place to be rather expensive; there are cheaper alternat...
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  • Kobeya Kitchen Restaurant

  • Bakery, Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Family Restaurant ( Koenji )
  • Average price 1500 yen... not including a set, just the item. The price range is around Royal Host or Olive Garden status, for the food. Easily comparable to Fujiya restaurants (Desserts and cafe i...
  • Blue Marine

  • Family Restaurant ( Kinshicho )
  • Let's face it, you're not really going to happen into the Blue Mariner restaurant unless you're in Kasai Park and you're famished. The restaurant is premised on this. It's not really high class cuisin...
  • Hotel Fewa Holiday Inn

  • Family Restaurant ( )
  • Views of the majestic Himalayan mountains can be enjoyed from the rooftop terrace of Hotel Fewa Holiday Inn. Sitting in a quiet location off the main road, this hotel is just 180 metres from Phewa Lak...
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  • Fujiya Restaurant

  • Desserts, Family Restaurant ( Shibuya )
  • Went with 7-year-old kid for her birthday. Although the service was OK and the kids plates were cheap, the adult portions were like a joke considering the price. Nothing special in terms of taste. Sim...
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  • Saizeriya

  • Italian, Family Restaurant, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Shibuya )
  • A family restaurant specializing in Italian food, wildly thanks to its low prices. Pasta, pizza, steak, drink bar and the usual family restaurant fare, with nice extras like authentic proscuitto, hous...
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  • Baqet

  • Bakery, Family Restaurant ( Akihabara )
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