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  • Komoro Soba : Yotsuya

  • Fast Food, Soba ( Yotsuya )
  • I am happy to report that this restaurant makes one thing and one thing only, SOBA. I was first struck by the price, most things on the menu are nearly as cheap as a school cafeteria (which is general...
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  • Minatoya

  • Soba ( Tameikesanno )
  • Minatoya is a small, crowded shop that particularly popular amongst businessmen that are on their lunch break. There is neither an English menu nor one with pictures, but since there are only 6 items ...
  • Fukudaya

  • Soba, Izakaya ( Shibuya )
  • There comes a point where soba is just soba. At it's best, it's wholesome but rather plain. Fukudaya does it well. The restaurant is located down an alley in Shibuya, and it's on the second story of a...
  • Namiki Yabusoba

  • Soba ( Asakusa )
  • There's something about Namiki Yabusoba that makes it feel like you've just walked into a soba restaurant in old Edo. Or, at least, there's something about it that makes it feel like the set of a well...
  • Mino Ya Bunemon: Ikebukuro

  • Soba ( Ikebukuro )
  • After hunting around for the restaurant for a short while, we finally found a small very traditional looking place with really old kanji that I could barely recognize written on the front. The place w...
  • Muromachi Sunaba

  • Soba ( Akasaka )
  • This is a quaint neighborhood soba shop with an excellent traditional atmosphere. It's a little bit cramped, but very pleasant. There was no English menu, but there was a Japanese one with limited pic...
  • Sawarabi

  • Soba ( Ginza )
  • A charming, thoroughly Japanese restaurant. However, be careful-there is no English or picture menu, nor does the server speak English. However, if you can get past the language barrier, this hole-in-...
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  • Takaraya Soba Ten

  • Soba ( Jiyugaoka )
  • I guess the nice thing about this place is the utter privacy. I don't think it ever gets very busy, and if it did, the old man couldn't handle it. There's only about 4-5 tables inside, 4 chairs to eac...
  • Horii

  • Soba ( Azabu-juban )
  • Established in 1789, Sarashina is a well known Soba restaurant with over 200 years experience of serving its customers. After your walk from Azabu Juuban station, Sarashina’s cold Soba will be refre...
  • Tamawarai: Harajuku

  • Soba, Michelin ( Harajuku )
  • Tamawarai received one Michelin star in their 2013 edition. They specialize in soba, and small dishes. The restaurant is located on a minor street to the side of Harajuku. You will recognize it for th...
  • Kosetsu

  • Soba, Michelin ( Ginza )
  • The Tokyo Michelin Guide 2009 awarded Kosetsu one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. Established in 2005, Kosetsu's concept is to feature soba noodles in all their possib...
  • Aoyama Chojuan

  • Soba ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Aoyama choujan is a soba shop famous for its delicious tempura. The neat interior reminds one of a Japanese restaurant managed within a classy hotel. Local businessmen fill the tables for lunch, and...
  • Rakusyun Dining Zaian Bekkan

  • Izakaya, Soba ( Ikebukuro )
  • If you walk a little ways down Street 254, near Ikebukuro Station, you’ll find this izakaya in the first floor basement of a building on the left side of the street. Their selection of sake is espec...
  • Seizan

  • Soba ( Shibuya )
  • This soba shop near Shibuya’s NHK places importance on their ambiance. If you travel down their stone-paved approach, which is planted with at least 10 meters of bamboo on either side, you’ll fina...
  • English menu
  • Takeyabu

  • Soba, Michelin ( Roppongi )
  • The Tokyo Michelin guide 2008 awarded Takeyabu one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. Though Takeyabu is a soba restaurant, it doesn't look like one thanks to the creativ...
  • Soba Dining Hatago

  • Soba, Izakaya ( Shibuya )
  • This is a stylish little soba place. It’s in the basement of a building most of the way up Dougenzaka. Even though it’s technically in a basement, it actually has a very wide open feel to it and...
  • Shimada

  • Udon, Curry, Soba ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Shimada is famous for its "curry soup udon." The restaurant is divided between two floors, and the first floor is cramped with tables. A wide range of people enjoy the food: small groups may treat S...
  • Nagara

  • Soba ( Akasaka )
  • Nagara is hard to recognize, so bring a map and look for a wooden sign - it's in the residential district behind Akasaka Elementary School. Besides handmade, clear soba noodles, side dishes like "dash...
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