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  • Gentaku

  • Tonkatsu ( Akasaka )
  • Wow! The appearance of this place gave pause for concern, but the tonkatsu was good. The owner is a delightfully friendly chap. Good food, but until the interior is cleaned up a bit, I don't know...
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  • Matsunoya

  • Tonkatsu ( Akasaka )
  • Good Tonkatsu, reasonable price!! One of favorite restaurants I like to visit for lunch in Akasaka. A full Tonkatsu lunch can be enjoyed around 800yen. Crisp on the outside, very soft and tender on t...
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  • Maisen: Aoyama

  • Tonkatsu ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • I ventured into this famed Tonkatsu restaurant with the intention of getting the most expensive thing on the menu and nonetheless left with a wallet only 3000 YEN lighter. I also left with a general f...
  • Tonkatsu Imoya 1

  • Tonkatsu ( Jimbocho )
  • This back street restaurant is all business but has a great concept. When I got there, there was a line outside the store but it moved quickly. Once I got inside, I had to wait a few more minutes on t...
  • Mikawaya

  • Tonkatsu, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Hiroo )
  • Japanese efficiency is put on display at this popular Teishoku restaurant. I arrived 15 minutes after they opened and there was already a line outside of the small restaurant. While I waited I looke...
  • Wako: Ikebukuro

  • Tonkatsu ( Ikebukuro )
  • Sitting pretty on the 12th floor of the Tobu department store in the Ikebukuro station is one of several restaurants, but Wako is different then the rest. Wako is a tonkatsu specialist whose food is s...
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  • Wako: Shibuya

  • Tonkatsu ( Shibuya )
  • This is not your typical salaryman restaurant. Several key points highlight this Japanese restaurant chain with some 270 outlets nationwide. Classical music hums in the background, giving it a v...
  • Tonki: Meguro

  • Tonkatsu, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Meguro )
  • BEST.TONKATSU.EVER. We came before it opened at 4pm on a Sunday and boy am I glad we did, there was already a queue starting to form. Downstairs you can sit at the bar where you can watch the factory ...
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  • Saboten: Tokyo

  • Tonkatsu ( Tokyo Station )
  • Saboten is a very typical, standard tonkatsu chain. Their price and quality is in line with Wako, another tonkatsu chain. And like Wako, they also serve their tonkatsu with sesame, which you grind to ...
  • Katsukichi

  • Tonkatsu ( Asakusa )
  • For those that enjoy a good fried katsu, this is the place to be! The owner is a legend in the world of miso katsu. He appeared in many TV shows testing the temperature of the hot oil with bare finger...
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  • Shouhachi

  • Tonkatsu, Fast Food ( Kichijoji )
  • Shouhachi is a gyudon chain-style tonkatsu restaurant. Here, you can enjoy, for Matsuya prices (500-1000yen), relatively good quality tonkatsu. There are very few of these restaurants in Tokyo and the...
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  • Kimukatsu

  • Tonkatsu ( Ebisu )
  • The pork cutlets at Kimukatsu are different than usual because they layer thin slices of pork, rather than frying a whole chop. What does this result in? Well, a softer pork cutlet, and the ability to...
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  • Maisen: Tokyu

  • Tonkatsu ( Shibuya )
  • Reasonable prices and reasonable quality. The food court on the 9th floor of the Tokyu department store definitely has the feeling of a family space, with lots of children running around and mothers c...
  • Katsuya: Ikebukuro

  • Fast Food, Tonkatsu ( Ikebukuro )
  • If Homer Simpson came to Japan, I think he would eat at least once at Katsuya. The specialty here is tonkatsu, deep-fried pork cutlets, and Katsuya's are pretty good for a fast food joint. The set...
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  • Katsuya: Roppongi

  • Tonkatsu, Fast Food ( Roppongi )
  • katsuya has a giant picture menu outside tempting customers in. the place is a little more expensive than i'd like, but they do specialize in tonkatsu and i thought their's tasted pretty good. not all...
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  • Tonkatsu Tenshin

  • Tonkatsu ( Meguro )
  • <strong><a href="">Rolex Yacht-Master II</a></strong><br> <strong><a href="
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  • Katsukichi: Shibuya

  • Tonkatsu ( Shibuya )
  • This popular shop has been serving its traditional tonkatsu for more than 40 years. Descend a dignified stone staircase to face the basement entrance to the shop. The interior is set up like an old-...
  • Katsu Sei

  • Tonkatsu ( Shinjuku )
  • Katsu Sei is a home style tonkatsu restaurant near Shinjuku Gyoen. It has a very compact counter with only nine seats, as well as a few tables. The owner and his wife used to run a butcher shop. Kats...
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  • Fuku Yoshi

  • Tonkatsu ( Harajuku )
  • Fuku Yoshi has been serving authentic tonkatsu fillets to its customers since 1972. Bamboo grows near the entrance, giving the restaurant a traditional Japanese flair. Spacious tables, an efficient ...
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  • Butagumi

  • Tonkatsu ( Hiroo )
  • Butagumi is the ultimate tonkatsu restaurant. They serve only tonkatsu, though they offer several different varieties of pork. Each particular breed is cooked to individual perfection. They even serve...
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