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  • Torimasa

  • Yakitori ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • this place is very good. sometimes the pieces are too big for me (unusual in this country). i especially like their version of the japanese "tsukune." they do it with big chunky meat mixed...
  • Kushimura: Roppongi

  • Yakitori ( Roppongi )
  • Who: Girlfriend & Myself When: Saturday Dinner Wear: Casual/ Business-casual Why: Yakitori place that isn't all about the chicken Verdict: Planning to go back A while ago, I gave up beef, chick...
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  • Nambantei: Shibuya

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Shibuya )
  • When I imagine good yakitori restaurants, I imagine small, twelve-seat, hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I don't think of a second story restaurant in the brightest part of Shibuya. Nanbantei broke my pr...
  • Torihara

  • Yakitori ( Shimbashi )
  • A quiet and sophisticated Yakitori place hidden in Shimbashi. Everyone here is quite friendly and will help you try and choose from the menu. As expected, all of the yakitori were succulent and d...
  • Eiichi

  • Yakitori ( Tokyo Station )
  • Famous for their yakitori, Eiichi is located near the Tokyo station. At lunch time, this deceptively big restaurant only serves yakitori-donburi and oyakudon. The lunch menu is very reasonably priced,...
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  • Imaiya Honten: Akasaka

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Akasaka )
  • This yakitori chain restaurant has more than 10 branches in the metropolitan area and offers authentic Hinai Jidori from Akita Prefecture. The Japanese-style interior boasts an open kitchen and both ...
  • Kanjin Cho

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Shibuya )
  • This yakitori and kabob restaurant is in a basement two buildings over from Shibuya Toukyuuin. The interior is done in a rustic style, with an atmosphere older men seem to prefer. Primarily they ser...
  • Toriya : Shinjuku

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Shinjuku )
  • Toriya Shinjuku specializes in authentic yakitori. They mainly use Hinai Chicken, one of the top brand of chicken in Japan. The interior is furnished with wooden accents and low-key lighting, which co...
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  • Imaiya Honten : Shinjuku

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Shinjuku )
  • Imaiya Honten Shinjuku serves authentic yakitori and uses only Hinai chickens, one of the top brand, delivered daily from Akita prefecture. It owns over ten restaurants in Tokyo. All seats have a chic...
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  • Toriyoshi

  • Yakitori ( Hiroo )
  • The chef at Toriyoshi trained in Paris for ten years before coming back to Toyko. The place is consistently packed and they don't take reservations. The U-shaped counter centers the attention on the k...
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  • Isehiro: Ginza

  • Yakitori ( Shimbashi )
  • Opened in 1921, (such and such) is a specialty yakitori restaurant. You'll be able to see veteran chefs cooking in front of you. During lunch, the restaurant offers reasonable yakitori donburi for bet...
  • Ginza Torishige

  • Yakitori ( Ginza )
  • Since it was opened in 1931, Ginza Torishige has been popular with people fond of drinking sake while eating yakitori. The restaurant is relatively large; the first floor seats sixty four people, whil...
  • Torizen Seo

  • Yakitori ( Azabu-juban )
  • In contrast to most yakitori shops, the mood at Torizenseo is decidedly contemporary. The interior is modern, and jazz fills up the air. The L-shaped counter attracts most of the attention, while a fe...
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  • Hinaichi

  • Izakaya, Yakitori ( Roppongi )
  • Hinaichi's specialty is mizutaki nabe, a soup made with Hinai free-range chickens that was simmered for over eight hours and is thus full of collagen. They also source their King Crab from Shiretoko a...
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  • Serata

  • Yakitori ( Azabu-juban )
  • The limited seating available (eigth table seats and ten counter seats) make it hard to rely on Serata as an after-work spot. Still, the interior is great for business entertainment, and they offer a ...
  • Toriyasu

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Nihombashi )
  • This crowded, authentic izakaya yakitori restaurant has been running for over three decades. An average meal including traditional sake runs for 3,000yen, and if you are not well versed in yakitori, a...
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  • Shichiryu

  • Yakitori ( Hiroo )
  • Shichi Ryu is an Izakaya that serves charcoal grilled Miyazaki chicken and has a Shochu bar with over 100 different types to choose from. Although it is a little expensive, this restaurant is worth tr...
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  • Torishige: Shimbashi

  • Yakitori ( Shimbashi )
  • A cozy yakitori restaurant that is a well kept secret by those in the culinary know. Along with all of the yakitori standards they offer high quality chicken liver. While the prices are not listed y...
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  • Tosaka

  • Yakitori ( Azabu-juban )
  • Tosaka is a yakitori bar influenced by French cuisine. The result is a stylish room where you can order some yakitori classics like negima, but also get chicken liver pate or grilled foie gras. An amp...
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  • Torisho: Nishi Azabu

  • Yakitori, Izakaya ( Roppongi )
  • Tori-sho specializes in all things chicken. You can order yakitori (skewered chicken), soup, omelets, sashimi and much more, all made with prime chicken. Located a few minutes away from Roppongi, the ...
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