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Sakura Hotel: Jimbocho ( Hostels / Jimbocho )

Sakura Hotel: Jimbocho / Hostels / Tokyo
  • The best location in Tokyo! Stay close to the Imperial Palace, Akihabara and Tokyo dome. Clean and affordable rooms, English speaking staff and a 24 hour cafe at Sakura hostel!

Hara Shobo ( Antiques, Japanese Goods / Jimbocho )

Hara Shobo / Antiques / Tokyo
  • Hara Shobo has been in business for over 70 years, specializes in Ukiyo-e prints. Our collection ranges from affordable prints (approx. 10,000yen) to museum-quality pieces. With our broad knowledge and top-quality service, we are trusted by collectors and museum curators both in Japan and overseas.
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  • Fire House

  • American ( Jimbocho )
  • [b][url=]Répliques de montres suisses aaa +[/url][/b] [b][url=]répliques de montres suisses[/url][/b] <strong><a href="htt...
  • Imperial Palace East Gardens

  • Japanese Gardens ( Jimbocho )
  • The East Gardens are quite pretty with some very nice landscaping. My favorite areas are on the top of the hill, where there is a large green area that *gasp!* you can actually walk on, and the garden...
  • The National Museum of Modern Art

  • Museums, Architecture ( Jimbocho )
  • As I'm not much a fan of some of the "art" in the MOMA of New York, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to go to the MOMAT (National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo). However, I was pleasantly su...
  • Sanseido: Jimbocho

  • Bookstores ( Jimbocho )
  • Sanseido is a 7 story bookstore that is more typical of an American bookstore because it has several different types of media. The most pertinent thing to know is that they do have a reasonably large ...
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  • Darjeeling

  • Indian & South Asian ( Jimbocho )
  • There were some nice touches to my lunch at Darjeeling -- they bring you some nice pickles, an appetizer fritter and a few homemade sauces. Unfortunately though, the curry and the tandoori chicken w...
  • Maruka

  • Udon ( Jimbocho )
  • This udon place is special because they sell not just hot udon, but warm and cold udon as well. It’s not hard to find, and it’s quite close to the station too. The restaurant is relatively small, ...
  • Imperial Palace

  • Landmarks & Historical Places ( Jimbocho )
  • [b][url=]cartier roadster[/url][/b] [b]<a href="">cartier tank</a>[/b] <strong><a href="http://w...
  • Science museum

  • Museums ( Jimbocho )
  • The science museum, inside Kitanomaru park, is packed with 5 levels of exhibits. Some example themes include "illusion," "mechanics," and "future scope." The museum is ai...
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  • Bondy

  • Curry ( Jimbocho )
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  • Kissako

  • Cafes ( Jimbocho )
  • A very quaint, old Japanese cafe. A serene atmosphere, and good cookies.
  • Brussels Kanda

  • Beer Bars, Bars ( Jimbocho )
  • Since its inception in 1986, Brussels Kanda, the flagship store of Brussels, has been popular for its encyclopedic selection of Belgian beers. Brussels Kanda has a bar counter on the first floor, a st...
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  • Tinun: Jimbocho

  • Thai, Curry ( Jimbocho )
  • Tinun was born in 1992 at Takadababa, during the days when Thai food was still a rarity in Tokyo. Now there are about 11 sister stores within the city, and the local chain is famous as a deliciously ...
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  • GEOS Kudan Institute of Language & Cultu...

  • Japanese Language Schools ( Jimbocho )
  • The classes at the Geos Kudanshita are long and patronizing. I felt as though I was being treated as a child the entire time. The testing requirements are harder than many Japanese schools themselves,...
  • Keijo: Suidobashi

  • Yakiniku ( Jimbocho )
  • Beef tongue and Rosu(thin sliced of ribeye),especially prime tongue and rosu, are so popular here. You may need to reserve to have a seat without waiting. The interior is simple and not so dirty. Y...
  • Takasago

  • Curry, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Jimbocho )
  • Takasago serves traditional yoshoku food - curry, spaghetti, fish fries, etc. Popular with college students and people in a hurry. Most dishes cost around 1,000yen or less, and everything can be upgra...
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