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  • Shibamata Taishaku Ten

  • Temples ( Kita-Senju )
  • As soon as you arrive Shibamata station, something feels very different. Everyone moves a little slower there, and the absence of Tokyo city noise is very noticeable.. The town is, intentionally or no...
  • Myojinnoyu

  • Super Sentos ( Kita-Senju )
  • My No.2 in Tokyo, after Jindaiji Onsen Yukari. A bit far to go, including walk from a station, but well worth a visit.
  • Nikko

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Temples, Shrines ( Kita-Senju )
  • Nikko is home to a spectacular complex of shrines and temples which together are a World Heritage Site and the impressive Nikko National Park, with good views and hiking trails. It can be reached in u...
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  • Unchain Farm

  • American ( Kita-Senju )
  • <strong><a href=""> replica orologio </a></strong><br> <strong><a href=""> r...
  • Daikokuyu

  • Sento (Public Bath) ( Kita-Senju )
  • Daikoku-yu is a bath house extremely popular with sento-fans. The splendid exterior reminds one of a Buddhist temple, and indeed you feel like you've somehow ended up in Kyoto. Inside, you're greete...
  • Katsushika City Museum

  • Planetariums ( Kita-Senju )
  • This planetarium is located within the Katsushika City Museum. 360,000 stars are thrown onto the sky-dome with a new projector reinstalled in March 2007. The programs are always changing, so you're bo...
  • Ryuokyo

  • Parks & Nature, Hiking ( Kita-Senju )
  • Located north of Nikko, this spectacular park is well worth the 2.30 hour trip from Tokyo. The valley features natural rock formations that provide a stunning counterpoint to the fall foliage.The Tobu...
  • Yamamoto Tei

  • Japanese Gardens ( Kita-Senju )
  • Yamamoto Tei was ranked in the top three for three consecutive years by the US-based "Journal of Japanese Gardens." A wooden two-story building stands in the center of the 900-squared-meter garden. Ju...
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  • Shirakawa Business Hotel

  • Hotels ( Kita-Senju )
  • Shirakawa Business Hotel offers comfortable guestrooms just two minutes away from Shirakawa Station.They offer recently renovated rooms with four different styles to choose from. You can select the ro...
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  • Shot Bar Cheers International: Kita-Senj...

  • Bars, Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Kita-Senju )
  • Good Place to spend your night,most drinks are 700yen.All music requested are accepted for free.Read it yourself on their website.
  • Ogihara Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Kita-Senju )
  • This modern clinic has been in business for over 60 years. They offer a full range of dental services.
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  • Tokyo Happy Move

  • Moving Services ( Machiya )
  • Tokyo Happy Move provides reasonably priced moves in the Kanto area.
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  • aQua Dental Clinic Kita-senju

  • Dentists ( Machiya, Kita-senju )
  • aQua Dental Clinic: Dr. Minako Miyagi We Open June 1st 2018 in Kita-Senju. Service available English. English staff on Thursday.
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