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  • Japanese Escort Girls Club

  • Love Hotels, Hotels, Adult Info Centers ( Meguro, Gotanda )
  • Highly attentive staff without any room for errors. The ladies were very polite and genuine. Very happy first time experience here in Japan and this website.
  • Cafe Shift

  • Cafes, Bars ( Meguro )
  • It's got nice furnitures, cool music, interesting books, and tons of records. A little bit far from stations, but it's a good place to go when you walk around Meguro, Rinshi-no mori, Yebisu, and so on...
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  • Big Echo

  • Karaoke, Others ( Gotanda )
  • so, paid 2500 for 4 hours, although this is with a member's discount. otherwise, add around 800 en. 7 floors of karaoke room, so there's no wait, ever, i think, unless it's a special night. the nic...
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  • Karaoke no Tetsujin Gotanda

  • Karaoke ( Gotanda )
  • On every floor a different atmosphere The Gotanda karaoke box is just 3 min. from the station! It is on the top of the building, with the Kingkong.. You can enjoy different atmospheres from a moder...
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  • Karaoke no Tetsujin Gakugeidaigaku

  • Karaoke ( Meguro, Gotanda )
  • For important parties we recommend the VIP-Room If you take one step in, you see a big spiral staircase up to heaven. You can relax under this heaven in modern and stylish rooms with an exquisite ...
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  • T's DINER: Meguro

  • Bars, Darts & Pools, American ( Meguro )
  • This Amrican diner sits on the 3rd floor of the building next to Wendy's. It is a lively darts bar, often crowded with darts players. There are 9 darts machines, 4 big screen TV, and a jukebox to set ...
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  • Meguro Tavern

  • British pubs / Irish pubs ( Meguro )
  • An authentic English pub established in 1998. A variety of international beer is available, including Guiness and Bass Pale. Relax and enjoy the authentic pub atmosphere with delicious English bar sna...
  • Meguro Club Sekitei

  • Love Hotels ( Meguro )
  • This love hotel is a Tokyo institution, dating back to the 1980s. The building is gaudy and flashy; a suitable palace to enjoy yourself. The rooms are bigger than most places, and are furnished with k...
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  • Capitolo

  • Italian, Wine Bars ( Meguro )
  • Traditional North Italian food. The chef became famous in Italy before returning to Japan. Fresh pasta made daily.
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