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  • Yamashiroya

  • Kids & Infants, Anime Merchandise, Fun Shops ( Ueno )
  • Yamashiroya is a little crowded but I think worth the stop. Again, I can't keep myself away from toy stores. Even if I don't buy anything, I can't help but look around and enjoy what they have to of...
  • Kotobukiya

  • Anime Merchandise, Fun Shops, Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • If you love anime, manga, and games, this is a must go when you visit Akihabara. The shop is quite easy to spot with their large green sign. They offer goods not only produced by themselves, but also ...
  • Animate: Akihabara

  • Anime Merchandise ( Akihabara )
  • Not as big as compared to their Ikebukuro store, but still has a lot of anime/manga stuffs. Avoid weekends because it gets super crowded. All official merchandise, so no doujins (unless they're offici...
  • Mandarake

  • Shopping-Others, Manga, Anime Merchandise ( Shibuya )
  • being in this store is like a giant temptation land. in front are the doujinshi and girls love section. further in are live idols (like smap, johnny inc, etc.) even further back are the cosplay co...
  • Tokyo Anime Center

  • Anime Merchandise ( Akihabara )
  • Honestly, I don't know why this place is listed in so many travel guides. It's not exactly "fun" especially compared to all the other shops around in the area. Despite it being located in a ...
  • Yamagiwa Soft: Anime Kan

  • Anime Merchandise ( Akihabara )
  • Yamagiwa Soft - Anime Kan sells everything from figures, anime music CDs, adult products, DVDs, games to all kinds of anime related stuff. throughout the four levels of the store. On the 5th, 15th an...
  • Fewture Shop

  • Anime Merchandise, Cosplay, Figua ( Shimokitazawa )
  • The fewture shop specializes in plastic figures that have been designed with an incredible attention to detail. You'll find works by big names such as Keita Amamiya and a combination of established an...
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