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  • Tokyo Midtown

  • Shopping Malls, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Roppongi )
  • One stop place to dine, shop, stay at the Ritz- buy Japanese souvenirs, sake, and have afternoon tea! Great place to spend a cool afternoon on a hot summer day!
  • Roppongi Hills

  • Shopping Malls, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Roppongi )
  • A complex maze of shops and restaurants that can leave visitors feeling flustered. I frequent this complex in order to visit May's Garden Salon and Estination/Bals. I have become familiar with how t...
  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildi...

  • Night View Spots, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Shinjuku )
  • Sure, it's not Roppongi's amazing view, but it's without a doubt the best one you're going to find in the skyscraper district. Bonus points for a great view of Mount Fuji on a clear day.
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  • St.Mary's Cathedral

  • Churches-Catholic, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Waseda )
  • While I'm all about checking out churches and religious sites in other countries, this one was kinda over my head. I mean, I can appreciate the beauty and architectural ingenuity from the outside. B...
  • The National Museum of Modern Art

  • Museums, Architecture ( Jimbocho )
  • As I'm not much a fan of some of the "art" in the MOMA of New York, I wasn't sure that I really wanted to go to the MOMAT (National Museum of Modern Art Tokyo). However, I was pleasantly su...
  • Tokyo International Forum

  • Architecture, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Tokyo Station )
  • There isn't much you can say about a convention space. I mean, it's basically a big box with ever-changing contents. The sections of the building set up for their architectural beauty are a lovely s...
  • Prada

  • Boutique/Luxury Brands, Architecture ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Prada is one of the most famous Italian fashion houses, and considered to be one of the trendsetters in the fashion industry. Their flagship store in Omotesando features their newest collections in a ...
  • Marunouchi Building

  • Shopping Malls, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Tokyo Station )
  • This was a fabulous way to spend my afternoon. It is the very image of the modern and chic Tokyo I was expecting when I arrived here. This building is full of delicious restaurants of all price ranges...
  • Omotesando Hills

  • Shopping Malls, Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Harajuku )
  • High luxury goods and esthetically pleasing to the eye seems to lack least the times that we have been there. With the exception of visiting one of the many restaurants on the to...
  • Fuji TV: Odaiba

  • Architecture, One Day Experience, Entertainment-Others ( Odaiba )
  • For the Fiju TV enthusiast, this is the place for you to go. If not, it's at least an interesting sight to see while walking around Odaiba. Inside it has collectibles of your favorite characters at ...
  • Akasaka Sacas

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture ( Akasaka )
  • Akasaka Saca's is a very fancy food court. I think its a great place for food, like the rest of the Akasaka area. Though I feel that its sole purpose it to cater to people who work in the vicinity...
  • The National Museum of Western Art

  • Museums, Architecture ( Ueno )
  • You're greeted immediately by Rodin sculpture, which turns out to be a theme at NMWA. According to a guide, the museum's pride is its permanent Rodin and Monet collections. The NMWA also regularly hos...
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  • Asahi Super Dry Hall

  • Architecture, Bars ( Asakusa )
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  • Caretta Shiodome

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Architecture, Shopping Malls ( Shimbashi )
  • Caretta Shiodome is a large office, restaurant and retail space. There are restaurants with spectacular views on the top floors, while more restaurants and shopping areas are located on the lower part...
  • Aoyama Technical College

  • Architecture, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Shibuya )
  • The Aoyama Technical College was designed by Watanabe Sei and is a great example of post-modern architecture. The building features sharp angles, red and silver color contrasts and shapes that make it...
  • Tokyo Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

  • Architecture ( Shinjuku )
  • Tokyo Mode Gakuen is immediately visible from the west exit of Shinjuku station. The building will be completed in 2009, and houses three technical colleges. The shape is distinctive, and while it is ...
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  • Tod's : Omotesando

  • Boutique/Luxury Brands, Architecture ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • This is the flagship store of the Italian luxury shoemaker Tod's. The building is designed by Toyo Ito, whose challenge was to make a statement with little access to the streetfront. He used cement "t...
  • Shiodome City Center

  • Architecture, Landmarks & Historical Places ( Shimbashi )
  • Shiodome City Center is a large office, restaurant and retail space. There are superb views of the city from the restaurants on the top floors. This is one of the landmark developments behind the urba...
  • Tokyo Sky Tree

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Night View Spots, Architecture, Aquariums, Shopping Malls ( Kinshicho )
  • Opened in May 2012, at 634 meters, Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest building in the world. The Sky Tree complex includes an aquarium, shopping mall and office space.
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