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Ace Inn ( Hostels, Capsule Hotels / Yotsuya )

Ace Inn / Hostels / Tokyo
  • Budget accommodation in the heart of Tokyo! Only two stops away from Shinjuku. Beautiful wooden capsules and luxury rooms. Women-only floor available, as well as activities and common areas.
  • Astro inn Shibuya

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Shibuya )
  • Astro was my first capsule hotel, and I am very impressed. Astro was everything I hoped it to be - convenient, clean, quiet, and comfortable. I stumbled in late on a Friday night after missing the las...
  • Roppongi VIVI

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Roppongi )
  • Tired? Missed the last train home? Too drunk to carry on? Capsule hotels are meant for all of these reasons and more. Vivi is a capsule hotel in Roppongi that serves both men and women with several se...
  • Asakusa River Side

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Asakusa )
  • Ghetto, nasty, dirty, mean... what was I thinking? I envisioned a clean and cozy coffin-like experience with the ability to sleep for cheap. Instead it was like the dormitory from hell, with constant ...
  • Ikebukuro Plaza

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Ikebukuro )
  • Ikebukuro Plaza waits for you with a full scale sauna and bath facility. There are two types of sauna rooms built in traditional Finnish style. If you prefer hot saunas, try the cypress sauna room. ...
  • Green Plaza Shinjuku

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Shinjuku )
  • Green Plaza Shinjuku is the largest capsule hotel facility in Japan, with 630 capsules. It is located in the busiest area of Shinjuku, right by Kabukicho. Reception for men is on the 4th floor. Wom...
  • Dandy

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Ueno )
  • As one of the biggest capsule facilities in Ueno area, Dandy welcomes guests with a large spa, full-service restaurant and rooms to lie down and relax. Restaurant and massage service is open round th...
  • Sauna Hotel Sekitei

  • Capsule Hotels ( Akihabara )
  • The check-in time of Sauna Hotel Sekitei is conveniently set at 10am. The hotel will keep your bags while you spend your day wandering in the city. Check-out time is also generously set at noon, let...
  • Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510

  • Capsule Hotels ( Okubo )
  • Unlike many of its kind, Caspsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 has capsules for women. It’s located eight minutes away by foot from Shinjuku station, right in the heart of Kabuki-cho. The hotel lets you check...
  • Hotel White City

  • Capsule Hotels ( Ikebukuro )
  • Hotel White City stands in a very convenient location - two minutes from Ikebukuro station and five minutes from Sunshine City. In addition to the standard spa, you can also relax in the sauna and th...
  • First inn Kyobashi

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Nihombashi )
  • First Inn Kyobashi is located 5 minute walk away from Tokyo station and a minute walk away from Kyobashi (Ginza line) or Takaracho (Asakusa line) station. If Tokyo station is the base point of your t...
  • Capsule inn Akasaka

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Akasaka )
  • Akasaka station is a convenient hub connecting major terminals such as Tokyo, Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. Capsule Inn Akasaka is located just by Akasaka station, from where you can plan yo...
  • Capsule Land Shibuya

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Shibuya )
  • As with many of its kind, Capsule Land Shibuya is a capsule hotel that only accommodates men. The small bonus to staying in this hotel is the free coffee. The laundry machine available is quite helpf...
  • Central inn Gotanda

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Gotanda )
  • Central Inn Gotanda provides a "pleasant space" just two minutes walk from Gotanda station. Bring your personal laptop and take advantage of the wireless internet. Since there are no capsules availa...
  • Yuraku Zanmai

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Nihombashi )
  • Yuraku Zanmai let’s you check-in at 10am and check-out at noon. The hotel provides a variety of relaxation services, including several kinds of baths, a massage and skin scrubbing service, and free...
  • Rosco

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Komagome )
  • Rosco is a capsule hotel located half a minute away from Komagome (JR line) station. This hotel has a designated floor for women. Open-air spa and jet bath will help you relax after a long day.
  • Rainbow Hotel

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Shimbashi )
  • Rainbow Hotel is only three minutes from Shinbashi station. There are only twenty capsules since it operates them as part of a larger hotel. This is a convenient place near Tokyo station.
  • Hotel Siesta

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Ebisu )
  • Great location -- only two minutes away from Ebisu station. Free wireless internet is available. There are no capsules for women, but female guests can ask for a room.
  • Big Lemon

  • Capsule Hotels, Hostels ( Shinjuku )
  • Big Lemon is another capsule hotel in Kabuki-cho for those who lost track of time and missed the last train. Relax in front of the big TV after a refreshing shower.
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