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  • Liberty: 8

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • If manga and anime aren't really your thing, but you're still into miniatures, take a look in Ribatei. It's completely devoted to miniature cars, trains and other such vehicles. Most of the miniatures...
  • Jupiter

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Jupiter specializes in costumes for cosplay fans. Here you can find a surprisingly wide range of products that cater to pretty much any kind of costume fan. The have all the requisite standard cost...
  • Kotobukiya

  • Anime Merchandise, Fun Shops, Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • If you love anime, manga, and games, this is a must go when you visit Akihabara. The shop is quite easy to spot with their large green sign. They offer goods not only produced by themselves, but also ...
  • Speak English
  • Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba

  • Consumer Electronics, Video Games, Cosplay, Figua, Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Appliances ( Akihabara )
  • Yodobashi Camera is one of Kanto’s largest home electronics chain. Akihabara Yodobashi spans eleven floors and it's a department store of every type of electronics, from computer related products, ...
  • Cospa shop

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Cospa was different compared to several of the other Cosplay shops (yes that is correct Japanese spelling) I have been to. For one thing, it was not plastered wall to wall with costumes, rather they h...
  • Buso-shoten

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • This small shop that is very difficult to find in the clutter of Akihabara sells all different sorts of weaponry. On the wall in front of you when you enter are many different types of old muskets han...
  • GoodMan

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Goodman specializes in anime action figures. Here you can find action figures of a range of characters such as Mario Brothers, transformers, or Japanese anime characters. On top of the action figures,...
  • Kotobuki-ya: Radio Kaikan

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Kotobukiya, the number one brand for figures, has its direct retail outlet in Akihabara offering one of the best selections of figures in the neighborhood. The store is also known in the area for its...
  • Asobit City Chara City

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • AsoBit City - Chara City is one of the largest character goods retail stores in Akihabara. You will find figures and plastic models of most genres in this gigantic store. Games and the latest product...
  • English menu
  • Alice in Wonderland: Shinjuku

  • Desserts, Cosplay, Figua, Cafes ( Shinjuku )
  • This restaurant is themed after Alice in Wonderland. There are private booths and a private room by reservation only. The public area includes a large heart-shaped table. The menu is bilingual and in...
  • Kaiyo-do

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Kaiyodo, the world famous figure maker, has its retail store in Akihabara. You cannot miss the life-size Evangelion figures greeting visitors into this special museum-like store. From animals to ve...
  • Cosmate Plus

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Cosmate Plus offers not only the popular anime and game character costumes but also maid and school uniforms. The bright interior lets you find what you need with ease. The shop boasts its wide vari...
  • Cosmate: Akihabara

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Cosmate Akihabara has a huge collection of cosplay costumes displayed over two floors of space. The store provides mainly maid and anime costumes but their collection of sailor school uniforms, bloome...
  • Gachapon Kaikan

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Gachapon Kaikan is a store with shelves after shelves of gashapon machines. Gachapon, or gashapon are also referred to as capsule toys. Some gashapons are rare and exchanged at high prices. The are...
  • Liberty: 9

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Anime specialty shop Liberty Media has its 9-go-ten, literally, store number 9, within Akihabara. The 9-go-ten has 4 floors handling chogokin hero robots, bishojo figures, and shokugan. 1st floor ma...
  • Tokyo Hobit

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Tokyo Hobbit is a plastic models and figure retailer, operating stores in Shinjuku, Shibuya and Yokohama. The stores have a good selection of Star Wars and other American figures. What’s more impr...
  • Gun & Hobby Echigoya

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Gun & Hobby Echigaya specializes in all types of guns. The products range from electric guns, air guns and all sorts of military related items. The wide selection attracts even the serious collector...
  • Blade Works

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • “Bukiya - Blade Works” specializes in model weapons and shields. You are guaranteed to find the weapons you used in your favorite computer games. Japanese, European and Chinese swords, spears, J...
  • Volks Ikebukuro Show Room

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Ikebukuro )
  • Volks Ikebukuro Show Room specializes in dolls and figures. The selection of high quality bishojo figuas as well as parts and tools to create your dream doll is worth the trip. Gundam and other plast...
  • Uchusen

  • Cosplay, Figua ( Akihabara )
  • Uchusen specializes in figures and toys and is best known for providing selected toys from abroad. Edgy figures designed by up and coming Hong Kong artists are things that you would only find in Uchu...
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