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  • Sofmap: Main Store

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • Sofmap had a great selection of electronics and gadgets. I looked in a bunch of large electronic stores and either couldn't find what I was looking for, a wired usb cord, or they didn't cary it. The s...
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  • Yodobashi Camera Multi Media Akiba

  • Consumer Electronics, Video Games, Cosplay, Figua, Bicycles, Sporting Goods, Appliances ( Akihabara )
  • In previous reviews, they mention 6 floors. I was there yesterday and let me just say they've added 3 more to the building. I'll mention some other things about store. I love the fact that you never h...
  • Asobit Game City

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • This place has a great atmosphere and seems always really crowded. I also feel comfortable it’s part of Laox and so I might be a bit bias because of that. In any case like other game stores you’ll...
  • Liberty: 5

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • This is a small store that is located very close to the station. It’s kind of a little run down building, but I think it adds to the atmosphere of being at the heart of Akihabara’s authentic video...
  • Trader 2

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • This store has a wide selection of used games and DVDs. It also has 3 main branches 2 of them along the main street of Akihabara. This particular one is tucked under the archway of the Sobu line which...
  • Messe Sanoh

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • This is a great game store just off the main street. Very easy to find due to its dazzling red front shop display, you won’t miss it. It has a cozy atmosphere and you should find all the latest rele...
  • == CLOSED == Game Hollywood

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • Some bad news all. This great import store had recently closed(as stated on their website). There are still some alternatives out there and the website redirects you to their new website which allow...
  • Gamers

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • You can't miss this shop because it's right next to the station. I must say, though, that this shop is probably targeted more for guys than for girls. Still worth going in and check out some things, t...
  • Ishimaru Denki: Game One

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • Ishimaru Denki is a national home electronics chain and Ishimaru Game One is its game specialty branch. All six levels are packed with games, game consoles and books. The store is known for the many ...
  • Trader: Main Store

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • Trader only handles used games. A must-stop for gamers looking used software in Akihabara. The store spans three levels and stocks popular and hard to find games for all consoles. Handle your invent...
  • Friends

  • Video Games ( Akihabara )
  • You cannot stop yourself from feeling warm and tingly looking at the games sold in Friends. This store sells decades-old games, including the good old Nintendo. Some titles are sold for a premium, bu...
  • Square Enix Character Goods Shop

  • Fun Shops, Video Games, Cosplay, Figua ( Yoyogi )
  • The official shop for Square Enix merchandise. Online store available for US and EU purchases.
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