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  • Miyata Dental Clinic

  • Dentists ( Nakano )
  • Dr. Miyata, the clinic director, grew up overseas and as a specialist in international medicine acts as a guest professor in Mexico and throughout Asia. He is also one of the few Japanese experts in p...
  • Restaurant Hashimoto

  • French ( Koenji )
  • Restaurant Hashimoto is a delightful little French restaurant in a backstreet of Ogikubo, not far from the American Express building and the train station. The chef used to work at L'ecrin in Ginza, a...
  • Yamada Electronics: Heiwadai

  • Consumer Electronics ( Koenji )
  • While I’m sure the electronics part of this store is excellent, the real bargain is in the basement. It’s a food and household items store rivaling nearby department store Life in price and variet...
  • Equal

  • Groceries/Supermarkets ( Koenji )
  • This place is a mom-and-pop shop with fruits, veggies, meats, and Japanese foods, drinks, and snacks. It contains everything you’d need to stock your kitchen, Japanese style, and at much better pric...
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  • Aladdin

  • Bars ( Koenji )
  • I could most definitely spend One Thousand and One Nights in Aladdin, especially since it's located in one of my favourite areas in Tokyo. A great shisha bar which gets filled to the brim on weekend n...
  • Circle K: Heiwadai

  • Shopping-Others ( Nakano )
  • Great, great convenience store on the way to Heiwadai Station. You can find everything you need here from toiletries to snacks to meals to frozen foods to reading material. And all of the food is fres...
  • Min Min: Nakano

  • Chinese ( Nakano )
  • If you are looking for some great crab fried rice and dumplings, this is the place to come. It seems that the restaurant is best known for those two signature dishes. When you dine there, if orderin...
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  • New Kouenji India

  • Indian & South Asian ( Koenji )
  • Koenji is a great area for second-hand shopping and after a day full of this activity, we were ravenous! New Kouenji India makes some of the most delicious curry in Tokyo I've had thus far. They offer...
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  • Hattifnatt

  • Italian ( Koenji )
  • The MOST charming restaurant I have ever been to. I was meeting my friends here and one of them described it as a tree house with a hobbit door which is EXACTLY what it looks like. The restaurant is v...
  • Meat ya

  • Italian ( Koenji )
  • Asagaya has two interesting features, a long tree lined avenue starting at the train station and a covered shopping arcade (shotengai) that runs parallel almost all the way. It's not really a place th...
  • Life :Heiwadai

  • Groceries/Supermarkets, Department Stores ( Koenji )
  • A huge department which contains clothes, toys, and groceries, this review concentrates on the basement?food. Life has such a huge variety of items that you could spend hours in here. International fo...
  • Boutique Kyarotto

  • Clothing ( Nakano )
  • At first glance, Boutique Kyarotto seems to be a second-hand or discount shop with its non-descript façade, the carrots on its sign, and its unremarkable location on the main street of Heiwadai, only...
  • Toshimaen Niwa no Yu

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Koenji )
  • The classiest of Tokyo’s super onsen, Niwa no Yu is located off the beaten path, next to the Toshimaen amusement park in Nerima Ward. But its quiet, classy atmosphere and pretty surroundings?-no kid...
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  • Karen Carmeli

  • Reflexology, Massage, Fitness Clubs ( Nakano )
  • Karen works with the Grinberg Method, which is a holistic therapy that cures chronic pain, heavy scarring and deep emotional wounds. It's especially useful if you suffer from stressed, bad body image ...
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  • Karaoke no Tetsujin: Koenji

  • Karaoke ( Koenji )
  • The Koenji karaoke box is painted in blue and hard to miss! This karaoke box offers over 50,000 songs, and more than 180 drinks to make your evening fun. They have special rooms for couples.
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  • Kobeya Kitchen Restaurant

  • Bakery, Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Family Restaurant ( Koenji )
  • Average price 1500 yen... not including a set, just the item. The price range is around Royal Host or Olive Garden status, for the food. Easily comparable to Fujiya restaurants (Desserts and cafe i...
  • Toshimaen

  • Amusement Parks, Water Parks & Pools ( Koenji )
  • A theme park in western Tokyo with more than 30 different attractions ranging from extremely thrilling roller coasters to kiddie rides. A water park opens in the summer, featuring six different swimmi...
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  • Megumi Shiatsu Clinic

  • Massage ( Nakano )
  • Customized shiatsu therapied with a nationally-licensed therapist. Sessions are a combination of shiatsu and aromatic oil massages. Anma (Japanese traditional massage), lymphatic drainage, myofascial ...
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  • New Hope International Preschool

  • Preschools / International schools / Kindergartens, Childrens classes ( Koenji )
  • New Hope International Preschool is aimed at children from 18 months old all the way through elementary school. Their graduates have been accepted at various international schools in Tokyo, as well as...
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  • Hanadaryu Yakiniku Sumiya

  • Yakiniku, Ramen ( Nakano, Koenji )
  • Delicious Yakiniku, The BEST Yakiniku Restaurant in Tokyo!!! Fatty, juicy meat and organic salad. Great place to eat at special occasion.
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