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RYO Dental Clinic ( Dentists / Nihombashi )

RYO Dental Clinic / Dentists / Tokyo
  • RYO DENTAL CLINIC, Dentists in Tokyo ready to help you in the comfort of your own language, whether it be English, French or Spanish. We have years of experience treating foreign patients in Tokyo, and are trained in the latest dental techniques. Our clinic is located near Ebisu in the heart of Tokyo.

  • Tokyo Stock Market

  • Landmarks & Historical Places ( Nihombashi )
  • If you're expecting to see a re-enactment of the NYSE in the Pacific, keep looking. Here, despite market volatility, people are still polite to one another. The increasing use of technology in tradi...
  • Ikh Huree

  • French ( Nihombashi )
  • This very elegant, formal French restaurant is the perfect place to have a romantic date or impress business clients. The service is exquisite and very personal. The interior is calm, relaxing and yet...
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  • Charcoal

  • Yakiniku ( Nihombashi )
  • most yakiniku resutaurant is lively atmosphere, so which makes it not good place for a date. however, Charcoal is a perfect place not only for a group, but also a date. because the interior is stylish...
  • Kite Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Nihombashi )
  • When you walk in here you are greeted by all the vibrant colors of the rainbow. The kite museum is a tribute to all the splendor and craftsmanship of many different types of kites. The kite museum is ...
  • Nodaiwa

  • Unagi ( Nihombashi )
  • Nodaiwa is part of a Hotel restaurant located on the fourth floor of a department building. Once you find it, you are welcomed to a large room with an elegant waiting area and many tables. The server ...
  • Sense Tea Corner at the Mandarin Orienta...

  • Tea, Cafes ( Nihombashi )
  • My friend took me here for my birthday. The service is impeccable and the view is SPECTACULAR. The nicest view in Tokyo in my opinion. This tea room is more traditional than other tea rooms that we fr...
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  • Mitsukoshi: Nihombashi

  • Department Stores ( Nihombashi )
  • This is the place to go for high quality goods. It is Mitsukoshi's main headquarters. They have a great selection of clothing, Kitchenware, and so forth. The basement floors are like a food museum. Th...
  • Restaurant Toyo

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Nihombashi )
  • Close to the Nihonbashi station, Toyo is an excellent restaurant with a wide selection of food. The atmosphere was vibrant because it is a wide open restaurant that is quite crowded. At lunch time I w...
  • Yamamotoyama: Nihombashi

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Nihombashi )
  • Yamamotoyama is a tea institution in Tokyo, selling tea for "over 317 years," according to a poorly-written English flyer. It functions as a tea retail store and tea cafe. A long glass count...
  • Maison Kayser: Tokyo

  • Bakery ( Nihombashi )
  • This is absolutely my favourite bakery in Tokyo. The croissant aux amandes is just out of this world! They also have branches in other parts of Tokyo, see website below:
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  • DevilCraft

  • Beer Bars, Pizza ( Nihombashi )
  • A craft beer bar in Tokyo with 15 taps of rotating craft beers. They make California and Chicago deep dish pizza, as well as chicken wings with homemade blue cheese and ranch dressing.
  • Benihana

  • Teppanyaki / Hibachi ( Nihombashi )
  • I visited Benihana at their Tachikawa location and it was quite a big disappointment. There is no teppanyaki-ing at your table. The food is just brought to you on a hot plate kind of like at Furans...
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  • Sembikiya: Kyobashi

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Desserts ( Nihombashi )
  • This place is great to visit just for photos and laughs, cause they have the square watermelon, the black watermelon, the triangular watermelon, and the, i believe it was the 300 kg watermelon. whatev...
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  • Imahan

  • Steak, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki ( Nihombashi )
  • Imahan specializes in preparing gyunabe, which is a beef hot pot made with the best imahan wagyu beef.
  • Suitengu

  • Shrines ( Nihombashi )
  • Suitengu is a Shinto shrine for the goddess of maternity, although I only found that out by Googling the place after I went there. There's very little information about the shrine, and none in English...
  • Kiraku

  • Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Nihombashi )
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  • Daikanyama ASO Celeste:Nihombashi

  • Italian ( Nihombashi )
  • Daikanyama ASO Celeste is located alongside other top restaurants like Nadaman on the tenth floor of Mitsukoshi, a luxury department store. The restaurant is owned by Hiramatsu Inc., a restaurant comp...
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