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  • Volks

  • Family Restaurant, Steak, Others ( Gotanda )
  • Love love love this place! Then again, I am completely biased and completely enamoured with their bread bar. There's only 10 bread options available (possibly another 2 - crossaint and butter roll)...
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  • Noa cafe

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Others ( Harajuku )
  • This is rather limited to the waffles though. Anything else, and you're probably getting ripped off. The average waffle cost 650, ranging from 480 to 830 en, comes with two squares, a dollop of ice cr...
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  • Arco Iris: Gotanda

  • Others ( Gotanda )
  • Cheap, tasty and hearty. That’s how I’d describe Arco Iris. The food is traditional Peruvian, and the portions are big. We started with a combination platter of ceviche and jalea (1,800 yen). Jal...
  • Konig

  • Others, American ( Kichijoji )
  • Konig is a shop blessed by its location. The sausages are certainly not the best I've ever had, nor is it the best you can have in Tokyo alone. But when you pass by the shop on a hot, sunny day, you c...
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  • Nobu Tokyo

  • Sushi, Others ( Tameikesanno )
  • Luckily I work next to Nobu's Tokyo in Kamiyacho. So for a well-deserved lunch, Nobu's immediately pops into mind without much hesitation. Often each business quarter Nobu Matsuhisa is in town perso...
  • baskin robbins: Tokyo Dome City

  • American, Family Restaurant, Others ( Iidabashi )
  • I like Basin Robbins in the states. They alway have a great variety of flavors. In Japan, they continue to diversify the palate but it is a big expensive. It is true that they have a 3 scop deal but f...
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  • Happy Dining Ghetto

  • Bars, Asian Fusion, Others ( Shibuya )
  • My friends and I usually go to this place for all-you-drink before going club-hopping. All you need to say is "Nomihodai," and they will give you a separate menu of drinks you can order and ...
  • Lock up: Shibuya

  • Izakaya, Others ( Shibuya )
  • My experience at Lock up was full of disappointment. Maybe, because I had expected too much before my visit. It was Halloween and the place was really busy. My food and drink came really late. There w...
  • Cafe Daisy

  • Others ( Roppongi )
  • Cafe Daisy is a Scandinavian themed cafe situated not far from Midtown at Roppongi. Almost as soon as we sat down on the enclosed balcony we noticed that there was a cat sitting right above us; then f...
  • mother's crepe

  • French, Others ( Ikebukuro )
  • Mother’s Crepes offers amazing crepes, mostly sweet and some savory. The sweet ones can include fruit, ice cream, nuts, or cream. The savory come with options of lettuce, bacon, cheese, etc. Mother...
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  • Dipper Dan

  • Cafes, Japanese Sweets & Cafes, Others ( Ikebukuro )
  • Dipper Dan is good if you're in the Sunshine City area, but in Ikebukuro there are better crepes to be had, even in the Sega Arcade down the street. Dipper Dan's drinks also were always a little too s...
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  • Big Echo

  • Karaoke, Others ( Gotanda )
  • so, paid 2500 for 4 hours, although this is with a member's discount. otherwise, add around 800 en. 7 floors of karaoke room, so there's no wait, ever, i think, unless it's a special night. the nic...
  • Stockholm

  • Others ( Akasaka )
  • The food here is nice. There are some interesting dishes and sauces. I really loved all the salmon and pickled fish. For dessert there was a yummy baked apple cobbler among some other cold pudding ...
  • Kisara

  • Traditional Japanese, French, Others ( Akasaka )
  • You’ll find this restaurant in a place near Akasaka Station. In total, Kisala is organized into three separate parts. They have an area serving shochu and other Japanese liquors that go well with ...
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  • Tahiti

  • Thai, Others ( Omotesando, Aoyama )
  • Tahiti is a hidden restaurant where a fresh Southeast Asian ambience flows like a sea breeze. The high ceiling on the first floor creates a free and spacious effect with a lively atmosphere. The sec...
  • Restaurant K. u. K

  • Others ( Tameikesanno )
  • This Austrian restaurant opened March, 2006. If you go inside, it feels completely as though you’re actually in Vienna. Their table settings, glassware, wine, all of is Austrian made, and the spac...
  • Lock up: Shinjuku

  • Izakaya, Others ( Shinjuku )
  • The Lockup is a jail-themed restaurant that will scare your senseless. Upon arrival you will be escorted to your cell where you can order izakaya-style food and lots of odd drinks that come in test ...
  • Lock up: Ikebukuro

  • Izakaya, Others ( Ikebukuro )
  • The Lockup is a jail-themed restaurant that will scare your senseless.Upon arrival you will be escorted to your cell where you can order izakaya-style food and lots of odd drinks that come in test tub...
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  • Ojandon

  • Yakiniku, Others ( Okubo )
  • A traditional Korean restaurant specializing in Korean BBQ and Rei Men (cold noodles). Ojandon is 7 minutes from Seibu Shinjuku station. Ojandon has been featured in food magazines because it is one o...
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  • Positive Deli

  • Cafes, Others ( Odaiba )
  • Positive Deli is an Australian-inspired eatery in the newly developed area of Odaiba. They aim to serve healthy and safe food, and their menu highlights a few Australian classics like Pavlova or Austr...
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