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Zen Massage Center ( Zen Healing) ( Massage / Roppongi )

Zen Massage Center ( Zen Healing)  / Massage / Tokyo
  • The professional masseurs at Zen massage are trained in various oriental techniques, and can take care of stiff shoulders, back pain and headaches. Five minutes away from Roppongi.
  • >>> 5% Discount <<<
    Can be used afternoons only, between 12:00 and 3:00.
    Not eligible for use with top therapist. Cash only.
    Printout not needed, just say "I saw you on Sunnypages".
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Agave ( Cocktail Lounges, Mexican, Bars / Roppongi )

Agave / Cocktail Lounges / Tokyo
  • Tokyo's foremost Mexican bar. Over 400 premium tequilas, mezcals and cigars in a subdued and elegant atmosphere. Mexico at its best!
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Shingen Japon ( Hair Salons / Hiroo )

Shingen Japon / Hair Salons / Tokyo
  • Shingen Japon is Tokyo's premiere hair salon, with plenty of experience cutting foreign hair. Shingen trained in France and worked at a top-rated hair salon in Paris before returning to Tokyo.
  • >> 20% discount <<

    *This ticket is only valid for first time customers.
    Cash only.
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EGBOK Azabu Oriental Clinic ( Massage, Acupuncture / Roppongi )

EGBOK Azabu Oriental Clinic / Massage / Tokyo
  • Therapeutic oil massages, acupuncture, aromatherapy and shiatsu massages are among the services offered by EGBOK at their Roppongi location. Their staff is bilingual, and its clientele often includes foreigners in need of relaxation.
  • >> 5% discount <<
    * This coupon can only be used once.
    * Please bring a printed copy of this coupon.
    * Weekdays only.
    * Only applicable for cash payments.
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Salsita: Hiroo ( Mexican / Hiroo )

Salsita: Hiroo / Mexican / Tokyo
  • Traditional Mexican food that every Mexican grandmother would feel proud of! Authentic enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas and more! The Japan Times called it the best Mexican food in Tokyo.
  • --Receive a complimentary glass of wine!--

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Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic ( Dentists / Azabu-juban )

Motoazabu Hills Dental Clinic / Dentists / Tokyo
  • We offer the peace of mind that only comes from the best trained dentists in Tokyo. Our team of dentists holds various specializations, offering our patients expert care in areas such as periodontitis, aesthetic work or pediatric dentistry.
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Feria Tokyo ( Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Roppongi )

Feria Tokyo / Dance Clubs / Nightclubs / Tokyo

  • A club space for international partiers, Feria features five floors each housing a unique space, offering the best of Tokyo nightlife.

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Seventh Heaven ( Gentlemen's Clubs / Roppongi )

Seventh Heaven / Gentlemen's Clubs / Tokyo
  • Seventh Heaven was the first club of its type in Japan and remains the best! Seventh Heaven is based on exotic dance clubs from overseas. With over 30 gorgeous dancers, you're in for a night of global fun!
  • Please print out this coupon or mention "Sunnypages" at the front desk before you are seated.
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Ultimate ( Gentlemen's Clubs / Roppongi )

Ultimate / Gentlemen's Clubs / Tokyo
  • The Ultimate Executive Club exists to satisfy your needs. Sophistication, class, pleasurable diversions and the highest level of customer service.

Kaiseki Ogi: Hiroo ( Traditional Japanese / Hiroo )

Kaiseki Ogi: Hiroo / Traditional Japanese / Tokyo
  • Kaiseki Ogi serves traditional Japanese cooking that follows the seasons. One of their specialties are grilled steaks prepared with wagyu beef. In contrast to many kaiseki restaurants where you can only order the set menu of the day, Kaiseki Ogi also offers the option of ordering individually. On Saturdays they offer a cheaper set menu for families.
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PAL International School ( Preschools / International schools / Kindergartens / Hiroo )

PAL International School / Preschools / International schools / Kindergartens / Tokyo
  • PAL International School focuses on providing a safe and comfortable environment for children where they can take advantage of their arts, language and explorative activities program. They have a low student to teacher ratio, which allows them to pay individual attention to their students.

Tempura Fukushima ( Tempura / Roppongi )

Tempura Fukushima / Tempura / Tokyo
  • A two minute walk from Roppongi station, Fukishima features clean and simple interiors where they serve seasonal vegetables and fresh seafood. In addition it is a smoke free restaurant and used by many foreign guests for business entertaining.
  • Get one Beer for free!
    * Please bring a printed copy of this coupon with you.
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  • Panic Cafe: Roppongi

  • Teppanyaki / Hibachi ( Roppongi )
  • ADDRESS: KY Bldg B1F 3-16-14 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo TEL : 03-3583-4129 OPEN : mon?fri 18:00?25:00 L.O24:00 sat 18:00?23:00 LO22:30 Close on Sunday...
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  • Estetica Brasil Beauty

  • Aesthetics, Beauty-Others, Hair Salons ( Azabu-juban )
  • I liked Estetica Brasil Beaty. My regular hairdresser spoke basic English, as did the receptionist, and the colorist. The salon has branches in quite a few suburbs, as well as the city.Last time I did...
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  • Nakashima Dental Office

  • Dentists ( Roppongi )
  • The worst dentist experience of my life. Generally, I love getting my teeth cleaned; I can almost fall asleep while it is going on. Not here. My mouth was held open with a device, I was nearly asphyxi...
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  • Le Bar

  • Bars, Wine Bars, Night View Spots ( Shirokane )
  • C'est fantastique! Very nice and a good place to go on a date. Go early for quiet time and enjoy their specialty cocktails.
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  • Ostrea

  • Oyster Bars ( Roppongi )
  • often visit this place before, is great for uncomplicated snack. But last Friday was in shock! Disgusting service and very rude man - the waiter. On the request to remove one of the shells (I have dec...
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  • Wendy's

  • Fast Food ( Roppongi )
  • Being a Wendy fan to begin with, I always get a little excited when I see the red pigtails. It always makes me just a little happy to know that I can some taste of America, though low quality it may b...
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  • Beaute absolue

  • Spas ( Hiroo )
  • I have to agree about them going a great job! I have had gel nails put on there and I thought they were fantastic! I highly recommend
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