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  • Souvenirs, Interior Design & Furniture, Japanese Goods, Antiques ( Roppongi )
  • They managed to modernize old Japan in a very comfortable and not in your face way. Wa is becoming more and more popular in Japan and The Cover does a nice job at doing it without taking away the old...
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  • Tokyo Lease

  • Japanese Goods, Interior Design & Furniture, Furniture Rental, Antiques ( Azabu-juban )
  • Tokyo Lease Corp. is designed to help expats and English speakers in Japan buy or lease furniture. Most of the people I saw in the store spoke English, and there are plenty of brochures and catalogs i...
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  • Interior Collection

  • Japanese Goods, Antiques, Interior Design & Furniture ( Azabu-juban )
  • Interior Collection works on the concept of "East meets West." Their furniture is Chinese and Asian in inspiration, but also featuring some Western touches, such as fabrics. Antiques and restoration a...
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  • Antique Nishikawa

  • Japanese Goods, Antiques ( Azabu-juban )
  • Antique Nishikawa is located right by the Azabu-juban station. You can find superb examples of Japanese pottery such as the famous Imori-yaki plates and rice bowls. They also have a wide selection of ...
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  • Japanese Art

  • Art Galleries, Japanese Goods, Antiques ( Azabu-juban )
  • Orient Art carries Japanese fengshui paintings, home decorations, jewelry and other objects inspired by Asian sensibilities.
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