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  • Popeye

  • Bars, Beer Bars ( Ryogoku )
  • Great beer bar! People are friendly and love the downtown environment. After sumo tournament, I stop by at Popeye if I am not in mood for chance-nabe.
  • Yasuda Gardens

  • Parks & Nature ( Ryogoku )
  • This garden was a great little find. While it was really small, it was a beautiful little escape from the business of Tokyo. Another great aspect was that it was free. It takes only a few minutes t...
  • Ryogoku kokugikan

  • Sports Arenas ( Ryogoku )
  • This was one of the best things I've done since I've been in Tokyo. I was lucky enough to get an unreserved ticket to go to one day of the sumo tournament. For 2100Y I had an all-day pass and was able...
  • Speak English
  • Khaosan Tokyo Ninja Hostel

  • Hostels ( Ryogoku )
  • This place rocks. No Elevator! Lots of fun, great staff. It was really great and easy to find. Really close to the train station, and if you want some great beer Popeye is right down the street. The S...
  • Sumo Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ryogoku )
  • The Sumo are large and in charge. The Sumo Museum in Ryogoku is a seasonal tribute to Japan's favorite pastime and is located in a small part of one of Tokyo's largest Sumo arenas. If you are lucky, y...
  • Hamacho Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Ryogoku )
  • Hamacho Park is near Hamacho Metro Station, on the Shinjuku Line. It is along the water and near a bridge. The park is home to large sports facilities (grounds and building), a playground, and a small...
  • Yokoamicho Park

  • Parks & Nature ( Ryogoku )
  • This park is a short distance away from Ryogoku Station, Edo-Tokyo Museum, and the former Yasuda Garden. It is in memory of those who died in Tokyo aid raids and is dedicated in the pursuit of peace, ...
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum

  • Museums ( Ryogoku )
  • The Edo-Tokyo Museum focuses on the 400 years that the Edo period spans in Japanese history. There are around 2,500 items on display, such as Ukiyo-e paintings, picture scrolls, kimonos and documents....
  • Aqua House Edoyu

  • Super Sentos ( Ryogoku )
  • I am a big gaijin, but I enjoyed this place fairly good enough, like Ganbanyoku a sauna with whetstone plate was relaxing. Food is good too!
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  • Doma Doma: Asakusabashi

  • Izakaya ( Ryogoku )
  • This is a traditional Japanese style restaurant. Although it is apparently a chain, I hadn't realized it until after I left and saw another place with the same name. This restaurant features simple, e...
  • Speak English English menu
  • Allegrezza Italian Dining

  • Italian ( Ryogoku )
  • Allegrezza was a decent Italian restaurant. The staff were really helpful in explaining the menu and helping for the decision of what to order. The price also wasn't too bad, but I thought it could ...
  • Kiyosumi Teien

  • Japanese Gardens ( Ryogoku )
  • Kiyosumi Teien is famous for bird-watching. Its location near the river and the bay attracts a large number of birds. The grounds feature a pond with three islands, one of which is connected with a br...
  • Ekoin

  • Temples ( Ryogoku )
  • Ekoin was originally built in order to honor the 100 thousand victims of the great fire disaster of 1657. Since then, Ekoin has continued to accept the souls of the deceased, accepting all religions ...
  • Torikoe Jinja

  • Shrines ( Ryogoku )
  • Torikoe Jinja was founded in the middle of the seventh century--the year 651 to be exact. Their festival held annually at the beginning of June attracts tens of thousands of visitors. The main "miko...
  • Japan Stationery Museum

  • Museums (Small) ( Ryogoku )
  • At the Japan Stationery Museum you'll find fascinating examples of scribe-wares such as ancient Chinese brushes and ink-stones, antique fountain pens and paper-knifes from all over the world. The gia...
  • Steak Kuni: Ryogoku

  • American, Steak ( Ryogoku )
  • The restaurant has some branches in Tokyo. I often visit the Shinkoiwa branch (eastern area of Tokyo). You can enjoy juicy beef steaks and hamburg steaks.
  • Nelie's English Books

  • Bookstores ( Ryogoku )
  • Nelie's books is a one-stop store for everything to teach English. They have textbooks, readers, business English books, dictionaries, teaching resources, tests, toys, etc. This is a perfect place for...
  • Yanagibashi Daikokuya

  • Tempura ( Ryogoku )
  • At Yanagibashi Daikokuya you can sit at the counter and watch the chefs fry the tempura before your eyes and eat it right away while it's at its best. Dessert is served in a separate room that overloo...
  • Yoshiba

  • Traditional Japanese ( Ryogoku )
  • Yoshiba is the place to try "chanko-nabe," which is the stew that sumo wrestlers eat to put on weight and endure their rigorous training. The restaurant is located inside a former sumo stable, and the...
  • Kyugetsu

  • Japanese Goods, Antiques ( Ryogoku )
  • Kyugetsu is Japan's most famous doll maker, with a tradition dating back to 1835. They produce special dolls for Japan's traditional children's holidays: Girls' Day (March 3) and Children's Day (May 5...
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