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  • Daiso: Kinshicho

  • 100 Yen Shops ( Kinshicho )
  • Daiso is a "100 yen store." However, unlike the 1 dollar store equivalents in the U.S., things at Daiso can be practical, high quality, and not necessarily 1 dollar. "100 yen" basi...
  • Aqua House Edoyu

  • Super Sentos ( Ryogoku )
  • I am a big gaijin, but I enjoyed this place fairly good enough, like Ganbanyoku a sauna with whetstone plate was relaxing. Food is good too!
  • Yudokoro Kasai

  • Super Sentos ( Kinshicho )
  • Although Yudokoro Kasai does not draw natural water from underground, the 11 spas are enough to forget your daily worries. Its roten-buro (open air bath) is one of the largest in the city and more tha...
  • Kodai no Yu

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Kinshicho )
  • Onsen with indoor and outdoor baths, saunas, a range of massage and esthetic treatments, and private baths (from 2100 yen per hour). After bath options include relaxation rooms with beds or TV-equippe...
  • Tokyo Sky Tree

  • Landmarks & Historical Places, Night View Spots, Architecture, Aquariums, Shopping Malls ( Kinshicho )
  • Opened in May 2012, at 634 meters, Tokyo Sky Tree is the highest building in the world. The Sky Tree complex includes an aquarium, shopping mall and office space.
  • Otomeyu Onsen

  • Super Sentos, Onsen ( Kinshicho )
  • Basic onsen, but with a good number of baths, including a rotemburo and sauna.
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