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Maruara-Watanabe ( Japanese Goods, Souvenirs / Shibuya )

Maruara-Watanabe / Japanese Goods / Tokyo
  • Maru-Ara Watanabe offers selected Japanese-style items embedded with the essence of Kyoto and Edo. 
Our product lineup includes kimonos, Hakimono (Japanese-style footwear), tableware, everyday items, souvenirs and more.
    We propose a way of enjoying "Wa (Japanese)" taste that we discovered while promoting "Geta (Japanese wooden footwear)" and other items in Paris.
  • --Receive a 10% discount on your bill.--
    * You must bring a printed copy of this coupon.
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  • Namaste Indian Asian Dining

  • Indian & South Asian ( Shibuya )
  • We absolutely love the food and love to get to Tokyo shop very soon. I love the interiors and the English speaking staffs there.
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  • Tokyo Hentai Club

  • Adult Info Centers, Gentlemen's Clubs, Hostess Clubs ( Shibuya )
  • Sophie offers her service with warmth and heart. She always do her best to please. We had a great time together. Will definitely miss her as she is a wonderful companion and a great person. Thank you ...
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  • Kua 'Aina: Shibuya

  • American ( Shibuya )
  • I have visited Kua'Aina several times and usually go with my friends. The burgers are big and my friends seem to enjoy it when I take them here. As for me, I usually order a sandwhich. The staff are a...
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  • D Lounge

  • Cocktail Lounges ( Shibuya )
  • although possible <a href=""><strong>replica rolex watches</strong></a> , quite a manufacturing challenge if robustness is to...
  • Club Harlem

  • Dance Clubs / Nightclubs ( Shibuya )
  • I also have been. It is a very happy place. Music is good. My friend also goes well. The foreigner is a lot and is comfortable.
  • TSUTAYA: Shibuya

  • Rental CDs ( Shibuya )
  • Amazing Book and CD store in the heart of Shibuya, the area with the world famous gigantic pedestrian crossing! It faces the popular crossing and there is a Starbucks on ground floor. We listened to r...
  • Manboo: Shibuya

  • Manga/Internet Cafes ( Shibuya )
  • Heritage <a href=""><strong>swiss replica watches</strong></a> 1973 goes with the more traditional layout of sub-dials at 3, ...
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  • Kyo Hayashiya: Aoyama

  • Japanese Sweets & Cafes ( Shibuya )
  • Kyo Hayashi Ya was opened 250 years ago, and the main store is in kyoto. it was originally a green tea shop, and now there are not only tea, but also healthy japanese food and sweets. this cafe is ...
  • Loft: Shibuya

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Shibuya )
  • I love this store! Everything you need is in one giant building for your shopping pleasure. The prices vary on the product, but I found it reasonable. Every time I visit Shibuya I have to go here. ...
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  • Curry House Coco Ichibanya

  • Curry, Fast Food ( Shibuya )
  • CoCo's in my opinion is some of the best Japanese Curry you can get in Tokyo, the flavor is amazing. Being able to choose how spicy you want it to be is another bonus. A great place to go for some qui...
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  • Shanghai Shokudo Fukuan

  • Chinese ( Shibuya )
  • The Shanghai Shokudo surely beats a bowl of ramen or a couple of burgers at McDonalds for a cheap meal in Shibuya. All the set meals cost 500 yen, and they're really plentiful. I went with my broth...
  • Tokyu Hands: Shibuya

  • Fun Shops, Souvenirs ( Shibuya )
  • A large store that has products ranging from sporting goods to bathroom toiletries. If you have looked everywhere for something in particular then this should be your final destination. It is always...
  • Suzuran

  • Ramen ( Shibuya )
  • I've been here few times and I like it very much. I get a different experience every time, since there are several types of noodles and soups to choose from. My favorite combination would be Hirauchi ...
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  • Outback: Shibuya

  • American, Steak ( Shibuya )
  • There are 3 tables outside on the deck, and during busy hours, they'll have an assortment of soft drinks in little paper cups while you wait. They also have Metropolis Mag and TNB handy at the inside ...
  • Kanichahan no Mise

  • Chinese, Fast Food ( Shibuya )
  • I have this theory that anything fried must be good. Just varying degrees of good. Well, as far as crab fried rice is concerned, it is definitely on the fabulous end of "good". And you kn...
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  • Cafe de Ningenkankei Copain

  • Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Ningen was one of the first cafe's I ever went to when I first visited Japan. My Japanese friends took me there and I instantly loved the place. I've spent countless hours there in meetings, drinking ...
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  • Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: Shibuya

  • Cafes, Doughnuts ( Shibuya )
  • In Japan I crave sweet things so much more than I had in the US. That being said, I was excited about seeing a Krispy Kreme. The hot donuts were delicious as always. However I did feeling a little bad...
  • Sake Liquor Wine: Tokyu Food Show Shibuy...

  • Liquor, Sake ( Shibuya )
  • Tokyu Food Show has a great selection of food and pastries--and best of all, they hand out samples. The prices range from ridiculously expensive to moderately affordable. They have several stations de...
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  • Beacon

  • American ( Shibuya )
  • I absolutely love this place. The fillet steak is consistently amongst the best I've had. The Chop House Salad is my favourite salad of all time. My partner is slightly addicted to the Tuna Tartar....
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Yamate Homes
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  • Apartments / Real Estate Agencies
  • ( Shibuya )
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Nambantei: Shibuya
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Shabuzen: Shibuya
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