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  • Kua 'Aina: Shibuya

  • American ( Shibuya )
  • I have visited Kua'Aina several times and usually go with my friends. The burgers are big and my friends seem to enjoy it when I take them here. As for me, I usually order a sandwhich. The staff are a...
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  • Outback: Shibuya

  • American, Steak ( Shibuya )
  • There are 3 tables outside on the deck, and during busy hours, they'll have an assortment of soft drinks in little paper cups while you wait. They also have Metropolis Mag and TNB handy at the inside ...
  • Speak English English menu
  • Beacon

  • American ( Shibuya )
  • I absolutely love this place. The fillet steak is consistently amongst the best I've had. The Chop House Salad is my favourite salad of all time. My partner is slightly addicted to the Tuna Tartar....
  • Legato

  • Italian, American, Asian Fusion ( Shibuya )
  • Beautiful venue for dancing or lounging. The 15th floor gives a beautiful view of the city at night and the decor sets a nice mood. The clientel are mostly foreign men, barely any Japanese were spott...
  • Speak English English menu
  • The Pink Cow

  • American, French, Vegetarian & Healthy, Bars ( Shibuya )
  • Traci has set up an excellent space in what used to be a Glass Studio in east Shibuya. She hired a great cook and provides good food to what I see as two types of people: starters and stayers. For s...
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  • TGI FRIDAY'S: Shibuya

  • American, Steak ( Shibuya )
  • The lunch menu is definitely worth trying out if you're starving. Their World Famous Hamburger is worth only 1000 yen, and its size is big enough to satisfy your appetite! You can also order drinks an...
  • English menu
  • Gold Rush : Shibuya1

  • American ( Shibuya )
  • Given the new year in Tokyo usually finds it essentially a ghost town and a scarce supply of restaurants in operation, we chose the Gold Rush headquarters outlet in Shibuya to visit on January 1. ...
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  • Sonoma

  • American, Bars ( Shibuya )
  • This place has some pretty good California fusion type food, a decent wine menu and friendly service. It would be a pretty good place to have a small dinner party (of six or so people). It's a good ...
  • English menu Picture menu
  • Zest Cantina: Shibuya

  • American, Mexican ( Shibuya )
  • My fiance and I came to Zest on Valetine's Day night. I busted up laughing as soon as I entered because the decor is SO kitsch and trying so hard to be like a Tex-Mex steak house, think cow skulls, wa...
  • English menu
  • Gold Rush : Shibuya2

  • American ( Shibuya )
  • The Gold Rush specializes in hamburger steaks. The patties are made of 100% beef, flavored with over ten kinds of seasonings blending together to offer a taste like none other. The demiglace sauce t...
  • Steak Teppei

  • American, Steak ( Shibuya )
  • At Steak Teppei you can fill your stomach with steak-dishes loaded with a garlic punch. It's the restaurant with the green sign right down the street from Shinsen station. The garlic parade starts w...
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