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Outback: Shinagawa ( American, Steak / Shinagawa )

Outback: Shinagawa / American / Tokyo
  • This is the Shinagawa branch of the world-famous Outback Steak House. Other than the steaks, the menu also features interesting appetizers and desserts. All the ingredients are fresh and made to order.
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  • Dean and Deluca: Shinagawa

  • Cafes, Groceries/Supermarkets ( Shinagawa )
  • Dean and Deluca is an American chain of up-scale grocery stores first established in New York. Dean and Deluca is a beautifully presented coffee shop and grocery where it's even fun just to 'window-sh...
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  • T.Y. Harbor Brewery

  • American, Beer Gardens, Steak, Mediterranean ( Shinagawa )
  • TY Harbor is one of my favorite place to dine. The atmosphere is very nice. I prefer the seats outside, where you can take a nice view of waterfront. The food is great and their original draft beer i...
  • Epson Aqua Stadium

  • Aquariums ( Shinagawa )
  • I went for the penguin feeding show, the dolphin performance and to see the rays, and I was not disappointed. They give out free rain ponchos to the people who sit close to the front at the dolphin s...
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  • 82 Ale House

  • Bars, British pubs / Irish pubs ( Shinagawa )
  • This place is pretty close to one of the Temple University buildings so it is frequented by a quite a few students. But the place is nice, the staff is friendly, and the imported beers are cold. Oh,...
  • Shinagawa Jinja

  • Shrines ( Shinagawa )
  • I went here for the Oiran Dochu (festival) in June. The place was really busy with local people in their Yukatas, eating Yakitori, okonomiyaki and Takoyaki, drinking beer and having a good time. The...
  • Sumida River Line

  • Water Busses ( Hamamatsucho )
  • I took this boat ride on a whim with my cousins. It was a decent price and the trip was enjoyable enough. Some of the sights were interesting, but otherwise it was a plain ride. You get to see some...
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  • Bureau Shinagawa

  • Serviced Apartments, Apartments / Real Estate Agencies, Relocation/Concierge Services ( Shinagawa )
  • newest addition to <a href=""><strong>louis vuitton replica bags</strong></a> the Royal Collection with the Backes & Strauss...
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  • Resham Firiri

  • Indian & South Asian ( Shinagawa )
  • One of the best restaurant. Best food, delicious. Owner Pasang is kind and friendly person. I highly recommend this Resham Firiri Restaurant to all who want to have delicious meals.
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  • Tokyo American Club

  • Leisure-Others ( Shinagawa )
  • Very comfortable surroundings even though the club is at a temporary site (it will return to its original address in 2011). The food is of good quality and the restaurant staff are trained exceptiona...
  • Seiryu

  • Izakaya ( Hamamatsucho )
  • There's a coupon for 500 yen off on the website, and that's pretty much like a free dish: a rather cheap and inexpensive izakaya items range around 350 y...
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  • Koya

  • Chinese ( Shinagawa )
  • The search for the ideal tan tan men has taken another turn for the better. Situated very close to Keio University's Mita campus you'll find Koya, a tiny but stylish noodle joint specialising in tan t...
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  • Shina Hanten

  • Chinese ( Hamamatsucho )
  • If you're not careful you'll miss this well-worn Chinese restaurant in one of the main streets of Daimon (not far from the gate which is large enough for cars to drive through, where Daimon gets its n...
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  • Homemade Curry Time

  • Curry ( Shinagawa )
  • This little curry place had diner style seating, making it ideal for dining alone. The curry was reasonably priced, with dishes from about 600-1200 yen. Perhaps the best part of this restaurant is som...
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  • Kurochan

  • Izakaya, Yakitori ( Shinagawa )
  • Kurochan offers the complete izakaya experience with inexpensive yet tasty Japanese "tapas." Some of their offerings include yakitori (skewered and grilled chicken), seafood, noodles, vegetarian optio...
  • Little Mermaid

  • Bakery ( Shinagawa )
  • I have been struck by the sheer number of bakeries around Tokyo, but I have to say, this is one of the best chains I've tried so far. They offer an interesting medley of baked goods that seem to be bo...
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  • Coldstone Creamery: Ecute Shinagawa

  • Ice Cream ( Shinagawa )
  • To clear up any confusion, this Coldstone is actually INSIDE the station. Ecute in Shinagawa is kind of like GranSta in Tokyo - a station's own inside restaurant and shopping center. Mostly stations a...
  • Andersen

  • Bakery ( Shinagawa )
  • Completely average. A good Japanese bakery nonetheless, but no noteworthy, interesting breads or pastries. I had the melon bread and it was pretty ordinary, if not a bit lacking in flavor. Also a defi...
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  • Tokyo Chubou

  • Traditional Japanese, Family Restaurant, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Hamamatsucho )
  • for the mentions in the title, the food costs a bit more, but it is pretty good. the item will customarily come with miso soup. outside the shop is one of those extensive plastic recreation displays. ...
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