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Outback: Shinagawa ( American, Steak / Shinagawa )

Outback: Shinagawa / American / Tokyo
  • This is the Shinagawa branch of the world-famous Outback Steak House. Other than the steaks, the menu also features interesting appetizers and desserts. All the ingredients are fresh and made to order.
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  • Dean and Deluca: Shinagawa

  • Cafes, Groceries/Supermarkets ( Shinagawa )
  • Dean and Deluca is an American chain of up-scale grocery stores first established in New York. Dean and Deluca is a beautifully presented coffee shop and grocery where it's even fun just to 'window-sh...
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  • T.Y. Harbor Brewery

  • American, Beer Gardens, Steak, Mediterranean ( Shinagawa )
  • TY Harbor is one of my favorite place to dine. The atmosphere is very nice. I prefer the seats outside, where you can take a nice view of waterfront. The food is great and their original draft beer i...
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  • Grand Central Oyster Bar

  • Oyster Bars ( Shinagawa )
  • One of the things I miss from the US (those who have lived on the west or east coast will know what I am talking about) is a restaurant with a full-range, fresh fish menu. This nostalgic adaptation o...
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  • Resham Firiri

  • Indian & South Asian ( Shinagawa )
  • One of the best restaurant. Best food, delicious. Owner Pasang is kind and friendly person. I highly recommend this Resham Firiri Restaurant to all who want to have delicious meals.
  • Seiryu

  • Izakaya ( Hamamatsucho )
  • There's a coupon for 500 yen off on the website, and that's pretty much like a free dish: a rather cheap and inexpensive izakaya items range around 350 y...
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  • Koya

  • Chinese ( Shinagawa )
  • The search for the ideal tan tan men has taken another turn for the better. Situated very close to Keio University's Mita campus you'll find Koya, a tiny but stylish noodle joint specialising in tan t...
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  • Shina Hanten

  • Chinese ( Hamamatsucho )
  • If you're not careful you'll miss this well-worn Chinese restaurant in one of the main streets of Daimon (not far from the gate which is large enough for cars to drive through, where Daimon gets its n...
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  • Homemade Curry Time

  • Curry ( Shinagawa )
  • This little curry place had diner style seating, making it ideal for dining alone. The curry was reasonably priced, with dishes from about 600-1200 yen. Perhaps the best part of this restaurant is som...
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  • Kurochan

  • Izakaya, Yakitori ( Shinagawa )
  • Kurochan offers the complete izakaya experience with inexpensive yet tasty Japanese "tapas." Some of their offerings include yakitori (skewered and grilled chicken), seafood, noodles, vegetarian optio...
  • Little Mermaid

  • Bakery ( Shinagawa )
  • I have been struck by the sheer number of bakeries around Tokyo, but I have to say, this is one of the best chains I've tried so far. They offer an interesting medley of baked goods that seem to be bo...
  • Andersen

  • Bakery ( Shinagawa )
  • Completely average. A good Japanese bakery nonetheless, but no noteworthy, interesting breads or pastries. I had the melon bread and it was pretty ordinary, if not a bit lacking in flavor. Also a defi...
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  • Tokyo Chubou

  • Traditional Japanese, Family Restaurant, Teishoku, Yoshoku ( Hamamatsucho )
  • for the mentions in the title, the food costs a bit more, but it is pretty good. the item will customarily come with miso soup. outside the shop is one of those extensive plastic recreation displays. ...
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  • Yamamoto

  • Sushi, Tempura ( Shinagawa )
  • - it's nice. definitely a good hokey-pokey feeling of old times, especially with all the wood. They have a poster menu of the sushi, although about..... 35% aren't available, probably rarely ordered o...
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  • Tateru Yoshino: Shiba

  • French, Michelin ( Hamamatsucho )
  • The Tokyo Michelin guide 2008 awarded Tateru Hoshino one star, recognizing it as an excellent restaurant in its category. The restaurant opened in 2003 at the Shiba Park Hotel and chef Ken Yoshino ser...
  • Bar Del Sole: Shinagawa

  • Cafes, Desserts, Bars, Italian ( Shinagawa )
  • Cafeseating is also available at this Italian restaurant. The simple interior offers 14 indoor and 22terrace seats where Neapolitan pizza, light appetizers, gelato, dole and alcoholic drinks are serve...
  • Vento Beer Terrace

  • Beer Gardens ( Shinagawa )
  • Located at the Wing Takanawa department store, this beer garden offers Kirin, Corona and other beers, together with a selection grilled snacks, pizzas and pastas. Enjoy the nightview of the Shinagawa ...
  • Crescent

  • French, Michelin ( Hamamatsucho )
  • Crescent was awarded two stars by the 2009 Tokyo Michelin Guide for their French cuisine. The restaurant is located in a Victorian house, which has a main dining room, but also several private rooms f...
  • Mori no Naka Beer Garden - Prince Hotel

  • Beer Gardens ( Hamamatsucho )
  • The beer garden by the prince hotel offers a relaxing atmosphere in the greenery, and various barbecue combinations. On Monday, groups of male customers get an extra hour of all-you-can-drink for free...
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  • Outback Bar & Grill: Shinagawa

  • Steak, American, Bars ( Shinagawa )
  • This is the Shinagawa branch of the world-famous Outback Steak House. The difference between the Steakhouse is that Bar & Grill has more "grown-up" atmosphere with down-lights, modern-Aboriginal arts ...
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