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  • Karaoke no Tetsujin: Oji

  • Karaoke ( Komagome )
  • After shopping or attending an event in this part of town, how about singing one or two songs at the karaoke box? This karaoke chain offers over 50,000 songs and more than 180 drinks to keep you going...
  • Karaoke no Tetsujin: Otsuka

  • Karaoke, Izakaya ( Sugamo )
  • This karaoke offers a stylish and comfortable atmosphere to relax from school or working stress. You can celebrate parties, feasts or gokons (group dating). You can also use the rooms for lunch or di...
  • Cinema Inn Cast

  • Love Hotels ( Sugamo )
  • Cinema Inn Cast is a love hotel with a movie theme. The rooms are decorated with movie posters, and room 803 is a party place that can hold up to ten people and has a 100-inch screen in it.
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  • Shot Bar Cheers International: Akabane

  • Bars ( Sugamo )
  • Is international, cozy, snazzy, and a fantastic place to party and make new friends. All music requests are welcome ? Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, Reggae, trance ? and there is no table charge or entrance ...
Sakura House
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